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Stepping Out in Soft Style

Local shoe manufacturer Walking Cradle Company bridges the gap between fashion and fit

Why do women feel like they need to choose between style and comfort? Webster Groves resident Mark Lemp, Jr., president of The Walking Cradle Company, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing shoes that bridge the gap between fashion and fit. 

“The ‘It’s a Matter of Fit’ mantra is our driving force,” says Lisa Schmitz, Director of Marketing and Creative Development and Kirkwood resident. “We truly believe and have seen over the years that shoes that don’t fit properly can cause many foot issues. Some of these problems can be avoided by wearing the correct size AND width shoe.”

The Walking Cradle Company aims to educate women at a younger age about the importance of wearing properly fitting shoes and encourages women of all ages to have their feet measured professionally at a full-service shoe store. “You can’t know what size shoe to get unless your foot is professionally measured,” Lisa says. The company offers 60 different shoe sizes. “And you should never buy a shoe thinking you’ll break it in—it’s not gonna happen,” she warns. 

Each pair of Walking Cradles is equipped with Tiny Pillows, the company’s signature insoles made from dual-density foam. The Tiny Pillows create a massaging effect, creating a bit of airflow when the wearer walks. Unlike memory foam, the lifetime of dual-density foam is fairly long since it does not break down. 

Designer Jamie Wells works closely with the shoe factory to ensure the perfect fit for every style. 

While the Orleans sneaker and the Pool sandal are customer favorites, “Jamie shops the trends around the globe and adapts them to new wearable styles,” Lisa says. 
Walking Cradles are available on and other online shoe retailers. Private fitting appointments are available at the Walking Cradles home office in Fenton, MO, by calling 636.203.4566.