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Steve Weisberg

How a Local Insurance Agent is Ensuring a Better Tomorrow

Steve Weisberg is taking an innovative approach to investing in his community. After moving to Chattanooga with his family from Tampa, Florida, Weisberg began his insurance career based on a faith-driven connection and has found his niche in the industry. 

With a passion for serving people and a previous career in massage therapy, Weisberg has worked with neurologists to heal everything from body pains to migraines. As such, Weisberg has always prioritized customer care. Starting his insurance business with American National, he has found that he is able to remain completely client-focused while also helping others invest in the protection of themselves and their families. 

One thing that has always intrigued Steve is the concept of living off of the land and creating your own goods and produce. Steve has created the gift of protecting generations of hard work that will be passed down to the future farmers of America by specializing in farm insurance. “Not only am I helping the farmers, the farmers are helping us”. By investing his time and talents in preserving farms by protecting them with the proper coverage for their families and equipment, he is finding new ways to invest in our community and our country.