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Stick Season has spread beyond a season

Noah Kahan's ever-growing tour reaches Texas

As a rising singer and songwriter, Noah Kahan, prepares to start his 2023 tour, he proclaims that he is at the peak of his career. However, it seems that his journey is only just beginning. 

In the fall of 2022, Kahan released his third full album, “Stick Season”, which completely catapulted his career. After the song “Stick Season”—the album's namesake—trended on Tik Tok the months leading up to the album release, fans highly anticipated for what was in store. 

“I never thought that people would relate to living in a small town in New England,” Kahan said. 

And turns out, the relatability of his songs is what drove so many new fans to his platform. “Homesick” is one of the most beloved songs from the album, and within its stunning lyricism and beautifully crafted story, fans have specifically been drawn to the stanza, “I am mean because I grew up in New England”. In fact, a trend arose on Tik Tok where fans were replacing “New England” with their hometowns. 

Kahan traveled to Houston, Texas for the first night of his 2023 tour. He performed at White Oak Music Hall, a venue that seats nearly a thousand people, and sold out the show. In fact, within days, his extended tour was completely sold out. 

“The last time I was in Texas there were about ninety-nine people at my show, now we have managed to sell out in the great state of Texas,” Kahan said. 

This is remarkable for the young musician, considering in 2021 he was found playing at a small arcade bar in Birmingham, Alabama, called Saturn. To, in the summer of 2022, playing in the renounced, Red Rock Amphitheatre in Colorado. 

Though Kahan has grown through these years, he has faced many challenges. Especially in the making of his music. The “Stick Season” album, he says, is undoubtedly the most personal to him, but especially the song “Orange Juice”. 

“Orange Juice, probably because of how personal it is. However, Stick Season was also a challenge because after I posted a few lyrics on my socials fans really wanted the whole song. I was like ‘well, now I have to finish it’.” 

Kahan also told his audience, opening night of the tour, that he was working on releasing a deluxe edition of “Stick Season”. He even tested the waters with some of his new songs when his tour reached Tennessee. 

No surprise, his fans are begging for more, crowding his live streams on Instagram and pestering him on Twitter. With his Spring 2023 tour ending, it has been speculated that Kahan will take this time to add the finishing touches to his new music. 

Considering he will be continuing tour in the summer and fall, there is ever the chance there will be more, new songs on his setlist. Kahan will also be performing at music festivals such as “Bonnaroo” and “Hang Out Fest”, the perfect time to experiment with old and new songs. 

Right now, he hasn’t reached The Woodlands, Texas. The more his fanbase grows, the more likely he will be able to play at the Cynthia Michel Woods Pavilion in the future. Keep an eye out for his name on the radio and give his music a listen.  Help bring Noah Kahan to The Woodlands, Texas. 


  • Noah's wildly popular performance at Red Rocks in Colorado
  • Noah's wildly popular performance at Red Rocks in Colorado