Stripped Down Skin Care

A proprietary stem-cell and pure essential oil based facial serum with fresh, bio-active and living ingredients.

Many of us start the New Year with renewed attention to our mental and physical health. In Colorado especially, we start to see the effects of harsh weather on our skin. Yes I’m borderline militant about SPF year round but historically I have not been the best about self-care. In the mix of everything we balance, all too often the skin-care rituals I know are good for me are soon neglected. The wear and tear on my body in my 40s is much more evident than it was in my 20s when I could live off of mere hours of sleep. 

I woke up one morning and realized things HAD to change. I didn’t know what but I knew it was time to invest in something beyond drug-store afterthoughts. 

Enter STRIPPED Skin Science, a female owned, Denver-based startup committed to providing a science-based, all natural skincare line. Founded by Jen Seda, a PhD/MD and Rachel Kilian, a Clinical Scientist, STRIPPED offers a flagship product called ‘The Essential’, which has been a game changer for me. This stem-cell and pure essential oil based facial serum has NO chemical stabilizers or preservatives. 

A 2023 Clinical trial showed skin regeneration, collagen growth, noticeable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, skin healing and hydration, as well as a youthful glow. Who doesn’t want that?

The one catch is that it has bio-active and living ingredients so you need to commit to a subscription for it to be fresh and effective. I work hard to take care of myself, exercise, meditate… all the things. So why would I continue using products for my skin packed with chemical stabilizers or preservatives that I wouldn’t allow in my food? I use “The Essential” at the start and end of my day and it does not disappoint. This has become my sacred, self-care ritual that makes me feel and look good year round. 

‘The Essential’ is handcrafted in small monthly batches in a local lab in Castle Rock, Colorado. It is formulated using a proprietary stem-cell growth factor blend and cold-pressed organic essential oils, each chosen for their proven healing properties, and nothing more.

Visit for more information and to order your first box.

Q. Are stem-cells just hype?

Seda: Stem-cells are proven to boost skin turnover. We obsessively researched and refined our formulas that fight the appearance of aging. Our recent clinical trial showed noticeable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, skin regeneration, collagen growth, and participants reported a youthful glow.

Q. Why is it a subscription model?

Seda: We stripped out all the fillers and toxic extras most skincare products use. We use a stem-cell growth factor mixed with cold-pressed organic essential oils selected for anti-inflammatory, healing properties. For you to reap the full benefits, we make fresh batches in our lab every month.

Kilian: Consumers are let down by buzzwords and empty promises. There’s no substance behind fancy packaging and celebrity names. There’s a demand for proven, natural, responsible ingredients. 

Q. Any advice for skincare in harsh Colorado winters?

Kilian: We all love the great outdoors in Colorado but our skin gets damaged from sun and wind. Morning and night after you wash your face, be sure to moisturize right away! 

Seda: Skincare should be an effortless, sacred, self-care ritual. The more diligent you are about that, the better your results. 

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