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Stocking Stuffers and Holiday Happies

Article by Amy Birdsong Golden

Photography by Bonner Morgan

Originally published in River City Lifestyle

For the husband who buys his underwear at Costco but still talks about the tinned seafood dish he had at Bishop. The shop at City & State carries the Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co. line. Be sure to throw in a sleeve of crackers in the stocking as well. Include a stretch woven belt from French apparel line BILLYBELT. And an ever-subtle air freshener for his car or closet.

When your teen daughter’s list is mostly Sephora, here is a haul that could rival TikTok. A geode crown tops these beautiful selections from Paradox at PeCo. For boys of all ages, gather Silly putty, insect suckers and a Hogwarts keychain to add to any Hanukkah happies. 

For your mother, head to Social for things we know she doesn’t have yet! Fill her stocking with marbled serving knives for pizza nights, beeswax candles and a sleek hand sanitizer for her purse.

When you visit Art Project, an art studio for kids, the fun usually stays there. These playdough sensory jars are the perfect to-go gift. The studio makes their own dough and adds small jewels, flair and miniatures ideal for imaginative play. A great holiday activity for the kids' table (without the screentime!). 

Everyone needs a car blanket, and you can find the best ones from Rumpl at Grivet Outdoors. For the road racers, you’ll find loads of accessories. Cotapaxi hip packs are great for travelers. Include a plane ticket inside and your holiday shopping is done.

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  • Paradox at PeCo @paradoxatpeco
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