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Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito

Article by Andrea Gardner, General Manager Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar

Photography by Oaks Country Club

Originally published in Tulsa City Lifestyle

Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito


2 strawberries 

2 thinly sliced jalapeños 

4 mint leaves

1 ounce simple syrup 

2 ounces Caribe Rum



Muddle strawberries, jalapeños and mint with the simple syrup. 

Add Caribe Rum and crushed ice. 

Shake lightly.

Pour into Collins glass and top with Sprite. 

Garnish with a strawberry slices and mint sprig. 

We did this with basil instead of mint and it was really good too!

The Strawberry Jalapeño Mojito was created by Gracelyn Davenport of Oaks Country Club. The recipe uses Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar’s custom-aged Caribe Rum Single Barrel by Red Fork Distillery.

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