Strength, Courage and the Power of a Mentor

Despite battling cancer, St. George Med Spa owner, Cyndi Schumacher, continues to be a champion

For Cyndi Schumacher, owner of St. George Med Spa, her life’s work is just as much about empowering her team of hard-working women as it is about running a successful business.

“The more I invest in time and money in the team, the more the business completely thrives,” she says. “I think about what’s best for them—they’re incredible women.”

And it’s not only her business acumen and unwavering support that inspires the women who know her; Cyndi has also demonstrated unequaled strength during her 12-year battle with metastatic breast cancer. She says the normalcy of getting up and getting ready for work each day is where she draws strength.

“There are things out of my control, but I don’t let them define me,” she says.

Cyndi’s daughter, Bella Shipley, brand development director of St. George Med Spa, agrees: “The majority of the time, you would never know anything is wrong. She has taught me through this that your body is capable of so much and mindset is so important. You choose how you live your life.”

When Cyndi purchased St. George Day Spa 10 years ago, the beleaguered entity seemed insolvent. But with her eye for business, Cyndi saw potential.

“It was an amazing provider, but it didn’t have any business support,” she says. After tightening financial loose ends and investing in training and expansion, Cyndi says the business “grew exponentially; we just hit it out of the park.”

When St. George Day Spa became St. George Med Spa four years ago, Cyndi says she wanted to encourage a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

“The day spa was a grind. We had to require people to work weekends because Saturday was the busiest day,” she says. But her current business model is more aligned with what she wants to provide for women. “I want them to make killer money in four days a week and have an amazing lifestyle,” she says.

Besides a dedication to mentoring women and helping them gain confidence and experience, Cyndi says she is passionate about encouraging them to be empowered and independent and earn their own money.

“I think it changes the conversation and the dynamic in all relationships. It levels the playing field. It’s so important.”

Despite recent setbacks to Cyndi’s health, she remains dedicated to her work preparing the next generation of businesswomen.

“All the med spa needs from me now is to mentor them with the vision from above so that the business is always growing and modern and innovating.”

She has taught me...that your body is capable of so much and mindset is so important. You choose how you live your life.”

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