Resolutions in the New Year

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker helps out

Article by Richard E. DeMayo, MSW, LCSW

Photography by Karin Davidson

Originally published in Media City Lifestyle

Many of us look to the new year as a chance to have a different beginning; to move away from a year of misfortune and hardships, whether they are your fault or not. Someone once stated that life is like a flat tire, and you can only ride on it for so long until you need to change it. Does this sound familiar? 

Do you want to make changes in the upcoming year?  A list is overwhelming, puts pressure on yourself, and causes more stress. Why not look at only a few items and work on them?

Do you want to lose weight after failed attempts, gain a new employment opportunity, or end a toxic relationship? You can do it if you put a plan together and follow it. It's not always that easy, but it is achievable.

Visualization helps. It allows you to practice and focus on your goals. It creates new neural pathways. 

Stay focused and strive to accomplish the goal that you want. You might consider seeing a professional counselor to help guide you.

Best wishes for success in the New Year!

References: Rampton, J. (2018, April 24). Neuroscience Tells Us How to Hack Our Brains for Success. Entrepreneur.

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