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Meet Mary Heaven of Mary Heaven Acupuncture in Greenwich. Mary opened the doors to her practice earlier this year and has been growing a strong local following ever since. Mary is a board-certified diplomate of acupuncture and has extensive professional training in other areas such as cupping, Gua Sha, facial reflexology and breathwork, just to name a few! It’s safe to say Mary is thriving as she pursues her passion.

Born and raised in Greenwich, Mary couldn’t be happier owning a business in her hometown. However, what inspired Mary to pursue holistic medicine does not have a happy beginning. Back when Mary was 18, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. After years of being encumbered by this illness, she became determined to break ground on her path to wellness. Seeking a more holistic approach to life, she was introduced to the world of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Some of the greatest shifts in her health and well-being ensued. After experiencing the profound effects of regular acupuncture treatments, she felt compelled to begin professional training in a full-time master’s program.

Overcoming her battle with Lyme disease has given Mary a deeper sense of purpose in providing healing to her clients. While she specializes in cosmetic acupuncture and Gua Sha—natural facial therapies that re-pattern the way the skin ages, creating a healthy and lustrous glow from the inside out—Mary also treats psycho-emotional disorders (anxiety, depression, PTSD), treats musculoskeletal conditions and reconditions the nervous system to aid the body in recovering from bouts of acute stress.

Mary’s ability to help clients cope with stress is something I can attest to, personally. Mary and I met six months ago when I walked into her office for my first acupuncture appointment. At the time, I was both skeptical about acupuncture’s effectiveness and willing to try anything to heal my stress-induced TMJ (pain caused by limited joint movement). Fast-forward an hour to the end of my treatment, and I was hopeful and optimistic as I left Mary’s office. The treatment itself was extremely relaxing. I hadn’t been that stress-free in months—maybe even years—and sure enough, within a day or two, my TMJ was gone. My story is just one of so many raving testimonials that Mary’s clients give her.

To say I am grateful for Mary is an understatement. When asked what she is grateful for, Mary cited the opportunity to build a blossoming business in her hometown, the incredible outpouring of community support and the chance to witness the beautiful transformations her patients make.

"The strength of the human spirit," Mary says, "is unparalleled, and it helps me fall more in love with my work every day.”

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Meet Mary Heaven of Mary Heaven Acupuncture in Greenwich. Mary is a board-certified diplomate of acupuncture and has extensive professional training in other areas such as cupping, Gua Sha, facial reflexology and breathwork, just to name a few!

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