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Kings Dining & Entertainment Redefines The Terms Of An Action-Packed Night Out

In a town that’s serious about food, fun and music, Nashvillians are hard to impress. But against a backdrop of bowling and music, it’s easy to see why Kings Dining & Entertainment is striking a chord among those seeking new options for corporate
outings, special occasions, or a big night out with their friends.

Kings may not be the first entity to venture into “something-for-everyone” territory, but it might be the first to perfect the craft. Whether it’s friendly competition, creative cuisine, or live music and televised sports, Kings blends tried-and-true concepts with upscale amenities to create an experience that checks all the boxes. “Go to Kings for a night out and you’ll find everything under one roof,” says COO Leo Fonseca. “You can experience a little bit or a lot of all the different elements we have to offer.”

Those elements include a chef-inspired menu, elevated cocktail program, and an audio-visual system that raises the energy level and enhances the vibe. Best of all, there’s no idle time at Kings. There’s something to do the moment you walk through the door.
“How many times have you gone to a restaurant and been told it’ll be an hour or more to be seated?” asks Fonseca. “At Kings, even if you’re waiting for a bowling lane to become available, you can go to the Draft Room for a craft beer and a bite to eat. Then,
after bowling, your party can finish the night in the Whiskey Room listening to live music.”

Guests will find a menu with familiar options like burgers, pizzas and tacos but it’s all driven by Kings’ executive chef whose culinary pedigree includes formal training in Paris. “From the quality of the food to the presentation, everything is well-executed,”
says Fonseca. “This is not frozen, pop-in-the-microwave food. It’s high quality and delicious.”

With recently upgraded bowling lanes, 14-foot television screens and a sound system that rivals any nightclub, an evening at Kings is a tech-driven experience. Patrick Lyons, one of Kings’ founding partners, has worked in live music his entire career and has
always wanted to do something in Nashville that meets the expectations of the market, so “the audio-visual system is over the top,” according to Fonseca. “The Draft Room almost sounds like you’re at the game and the Whiskey Room features a stage that can accommodate everything from full bands to singer-songwriters and stand-up comics,” he says. “It creates the complete, five-sensory experience.”

While the bells and whistles are the attention-grabbers, Kings provides all the bandwidth that guests need to stay connected and share their experience with the outside world. Fonseca says, "It’s something much simpler that makes Kings so much fun. When people come here, they forget about their phones for a while. It’s a social venue where they can interact and rediscover that esprit de corps that’s lacking in today’s world. It’s why Kings is as popular for corporate team-building retreats as it is for birthday parties or a small group of friends. No one ever leaves Kings saying that it wasn’t a great night out. It’s the ultimate night out.”

  • The Whiskey Room
  • The Draft Room