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Cool winter sunset at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

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Students Passion for Photography

Photography contributor Chris Robertson captures photos for Lifestyle-Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills.

When the first Lifestyle-Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills publication was delivered to our community in August, we received communication from Chris Robertson, a 17-year-old Yorba Linda High School senior. Chris was impressed by what he saw and sent us a few of his best photos to see if there was an opportunity to become a contributing photographer. “It would be an amazing opportunity to challenge my photography skills as well as help provide content for your magazine,” Chris said.  Chris explained he is a first year AP Photography student at Yorba Linda High School who, prior to this year, had been self-taught. Our Publisher was impressed with Chris’s passion for photography, and his initiative to capture quality images of the community. 

Before the first bell rings for school, Chris is up at first light on a hiking trail with a camera bag slung over his shoulder, capturing his favorite shots of natural landscapes. We are excited to have Chris as a contributing photographer capturing the good times at community festivities in Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills.

  • Cool winter sunset at Bolsa Chica State Beach.
  • Low flying seagull over the ocean.
  • Storm incoming--Yorba Linda - Bryant Ranch region.
  • Yorba Regional Park
  • Casino Ridge Trail in Yorba Linda.
  • Hummingbird approaches fuschia flowers.