Studio 310: Building a Collaborative Community

West Hartford's Newest Gym Takes a Unique Approach to Fitness

In the heart of West Hartford, a new fitness studio is revolutionizing how trainers and clients interact. The area’s first fitness collective, Studio 310 offers an innovative workout concept that creates a shared environment where trainers and instructors thrive. At the same time, clients receive personalized attention not provided in a typical gym environment. 

By empowering trainers to establish their own businesses in a supportive environment, the studio is fostering personal connections, nurturing client-trainer relationships, and inspiring individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

“It's a place where fitness dreams become a reality, and everyone can find the guidance and support they need on their health and wellness journey,” Sara Kennedy, Studio 310's manager says.

The studio opened recently at 310 Newington Road and is rapidly growing and gaining popularity. Founded by Pranav Dave, the studio’s unique concept and dedication to empowering trainers makes it an attractive destination for individuals seeking a personalized fitness experience.

By working as a team, the trainers of Studio 310 leverage each other's strengths and create a supportive network that benefits trainers and clients.

“We're hoping that it becomes more and more of a collaborative environment where each trainer finds a partner and builds their business together,” Sara says.

The studio currently has eight experienced instructors, including two dynamic trainers who have recently joined forces to offer joint classes on the first Sunday of every month. This collaboration is just one example of the studio's vision to create a sense of community among trainers, where they can share ideas, provide support, and inspire each other's growth. 

“Studio 310’s goal is to offer a personalized fitness experience beyond what is typically found in big-box gyms. Instead of clients investing in their own gym equipment or hiring a personal trainer for home visits, they can access a fully outfitted facility with experienced trainers, on their own schedule,” Sara says.

The studio also offers various group classes, including Zumba, Turn Up (a dance cardio class), Pound (using drumsticks for a rhythmic workout), and strength circuit training. In the future, they plan to introduce yoga classes as well.

Group classes are intentionally kept small, typically accommodating only up to 12 people, to ensure personalized attention from the instructor. Each trainer at the studio has their specialty and niche. Some focus on powerlifting, others on general well-being, functional training, weight loss, or mobility training. This diversity allows clients to find trainers who align with their fitness goals and preferences.

Clients can expect more than just a workout session when visiting the studio, Sara says. Trainers strive to establish a deeper connection, checking in with clients and offering guidance beyond the class. This approach sets the studio apart from more traditional gyms and creates an environment where clients feel supported and nurtured.

“Our emphasis is on building relationships between trainers and clients, fostering a sense of community, and providing ongoing support on their health and fitness journeys,” says Sara. 

Studio 310

310 Newington Road

Phone: 860.402.0234

Email: info@studio310ct.com

Online: Studio310CT.com

On Facebook & Instagram: @Studio310ct

“We're hoping that it becomes more and more of a collaborative environment where each trainer finds a partner and builds their business together.” Sara Kennedy

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