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Style And Function At Home

Create A Beautiful Home That Works For Personal Lifestyles

People are focusing more and more on the functionality of their homes. They want to actually use all the space they have, whether it’s for an office, a craft room or a den. They also want these spaces to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable, warm and inviting.

“I think there are a couple of trends which were already established and have been accelerated by COVID,” says Jennifer Turberfield, a realtor with Benchmark Realty in Nashville. “Firstly, homeowners are looking for homes that work for them with beautiful family spaces and functional design. Secondly, today’s homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home that’s already done versus taking on projects in a property that has potential.”

Here, Jennifer talks about what's in style now.

  1. Warm Neutrals:  The essence of elegance is simplicity, and Nashville homeowners are definitely embracing Coco Chanel’s mantra with monochromatic neutral color palettes. Gone are the cool, grey tones. Now we’re seeing warm whites, sandy oatmeals and creamy hues, which usher in a welcome calm and serenity into our homes. 
  2. Texture and Color: In parallel with and complementary to the rise of warm neutrals, the use of texture has seen a massive resurgence as a means to add visual and tactile interest. Whether it's raised and patterned tiling, or perhaps wood grain knots in ceiling beams, texture is a beautiful way to incorporate dimension, design and allure with more of a whisper than a shout. Using wallpaper on either one wall in a larger room such as a dining room or bedroom, or adding it to an entire small space, such as a powder room or laundry, wallpaper is a fantastic way to infuse personality and character. Color and pattern can add an impactful punch that livens up a space without overwhelming. 
  3. Dramatic Statements: Home design has been trending toward a more open floor plan for many years now and while that shows no sign of changing anytime soon, what we're seeing is an increase in dramatic architectural statements to add a wow factor. It might be floor-to-ceiling steel windows that bring the outside in, or perhaps a limestone surround wood-burning fireplace or maybe a sculptural triple tier chandelier. Although less is more, a show-stopping focal point can visually anchor a space as well as commanding attention and adding a touch of decadence. 
  4. Outdoor Living: Swimming pools are hugely popular right now as everyone is making new efforts with their outdoor space and backyard. Definitely a by-product of COVID-19, families are looking to create new leisure and relaxation options without the need to leave their homes. 
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