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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.“

Fashion and styles have been changing and evolving for centuries. Many styles of the past are making their way back into the salon. Shags, mullets, perms, lobs, bobs, and heavy-layered looks are great examples. Mixing in new techniques of today helps create a more evaluated and chic look while also protecting and keeping the integrity of the hair. Style is important because it is a form of expression, how you represent yourself, and a stylist’s duty is to help you feel your greatest. Communication and honesty with your stylist can help achieve your goal. One of social media’s most sought-out hairstyles for longer hair is the wolf cut. Heavy layers with curtain bangs and face-framing create texture, movement, and volume. Texture (in cutting terms) gives movement to the hair and makes it look more tousled or undone. The curtain bangs help open up the face, making the cheekbones more prominent. This haircut would be great for clients who have texture (curl) to their hair. The cut accentuates those luscious locks and brings life to their curls. Shadow roots and balayages are perfect for blonde clients who love something that’s more low maintenance. The shadow root helps blend down the natural root to help soften the demarcation line from previous highlights. Balayage mixed with a shadow root helps blend and make the grow-out process nicer if one would like to grow out their natural hair. Balayage is a hand painting technique for highlights that creates a graduated natural look. The grow-out is usually four to six months to a year depending on personal maintenance and style. Purple shampoo and conditioner are great tools to help keep blondes vibrant in between appointments. Depending on how many times someone washes their hair, the treatment should be used at least once a week. Think of it as a self-toner at home. Men’s styles have also been evolving over these past few years. Classic fades have been changing into longer looks. Have you seen a mullet or two wandering around? The 80’s are back and long hair is in–playing around more with texture to create movement. Time to switch out that 3-in-1 and use conditioner to keep your flowing tresses moisturized. When coming into the salon, it can be intimidating and challenging not knowing the terminology. Never be afraid to ask your stylist what something means. A good stylist educates and gives advice on what they think would complement your features. With so many great styles coming back into vogue, options for self-expression abound.