Refresh, Revitalize or Update Furniture with New Fabrics on Old Favorites

Spring cleaning is a wonderful way to make our homes look fresh and tidy. But what about certain items, such as sofas and chairs, that may be faded or make a room look dated? It’s expensive to replace multiple pieces of furniture, and if they’re still comfortable and sturdy, it’s wasteful to toss them out. Or, what if they’re antiques or family heirlooms? We surely don’t want to get rid of those. Sofas that were made many years ago were often constructed with a high level of craftsmanship and are therefore very durable, so it’s not necessary to replace them with what’s available today. Plus, newer models may not be the right size for the room, or may not have the preferred cushion height, style or color.

Reupholstering can make the old and worn look new again and give a room an entirely updated look. But, it’s important to make sure you choose the right fabric and that it’s fitted properly to your furniture and that it’s durable enough if you have kids or pets. Veronique Waldron, owner of Studio Vero in Bend, can help choose the right fabric for your needs and design the right look for your furniture. “We have luxurious high-end fabrics that are imported from textile designers in places like Italy, Belgium and Spain,” she says. “We also have performance fabrics that have FibreGuard and can withstand the assault from pets and children.” Zippers can also be added to seat cushion covers so they can be taken off and laundered.

With reupholstering, the choices are great. “We have a large selection of materials, so you are the one who selects the fabric instead of just having to accept what’s available on the showroom floor,” says Veronique. “We can do a little bit of texture, and you can have the color and patterns you want. We can then add beautiful pillows.” In addition to sofas, she also gets requests to reupholster accent chairs, especially those that have been passed down from family members, as well as dining room chairs and window seat cushions. Because of the smaller surface area, people are more open to doing some complex patterns on these. Reupholstering is an easy fix to make furniture look and feel elegant, clean and inviting. And, no one else will have a custom-designed piece of furniture. It may look even better than the original.


·      Use durable or stain-resistant fabrics for furniture used by kids or pets.

·      For cushions or window seats with smaller surface, experiment with playful patterns.

·      Consider the construction of pieces, a well-made sofa can be many years old and still remain durable.

·      Ask for cushion covers that can be removed and laundered.

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