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Tom James of Las Vegas men’s and women’s custom clothing

The Tom James Company has been making custom clothing for busy professionals since 1966. Clothiers go directly to each client to build a wardrobe for the office, the weekend, or any special occasion.

Locally, Tom James Las Vegas’ Branch Manager Jessica Roper and Professional Clothier Tayler Wright make custom business and casual clothing for both men and women. They conduct fittings and wardrobe planning that takes place in the comfort and convenience of clients’ homes or offices.

Jessica and Tayler shared some insight into the process with South Vegas City Lifestyle.

What sets Tom James apart from similar organizations?

“We don’t just sell clothing; we help build wardrobes.

We can make anything from suits, shirts, slacks, polos, sweaters, business casual attire, weekend wear, golf shorts, and even custom jeans. And since we own the mills that make our fabrics, we have more control over the processes. We also own Oxxford Clothes, the last fully hand tailoring shop remaining in the United States,” said Jessica.

What can a new customer expect when working with you?

“In all new business appointments, our priority is to learn about our clients — where do they go? What do they wear day-to-day? What is their desired price range? What do they currently have in their closet, and what’s missing? We identify areas we can help and explain more about ourselves and Tom James, share our pricing, and put together a simple plan,” said Tayler.


Why did you start working with Tom James of Las Vegas?

“Because I believed in the product and process. Our clients often have people who take care of their lawns, pools, cars, and houses. Why not their clothing as well? The busiest people are the ones that need to look their best the most often but don’t always have the time.

We go to our clients’ homes or offices to save them time and reduce the hassle of in-store shopping. No more fitting rooms, busy parking lots, or even return shipping from online purchases,”

said Tayler.

We heard you worked with Patrick Kang of Ace Law Group.

“Yes, we have enjoyed working with Patrick. He is kind and easy to work with and knows what types of colors and fabrics he likes but is open to suggestions too. He gifted a suit to his partner, Kyle, who had been working extra hard on a few time-consuming cases. They are both very busy and were ready for a refresh. Patrick ended up going a little bolder with his fabric selection while Kyle chose a subtle but vibrant solid,” said Jessica.

What advice do you give those people who would rather delegate their shopping?

“We save people time, reduce the hassle of shopping, and provide wardrobe expertise,” said Jessica.

  • Tom James Las Vegas’ Jessica Roper and Tayler Wright with Patrick Kang

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