Styled By Carson Love

Wardrobe And Personal Stylist, Confidence Coach -- And A Closet’s BFF

Carson Love is a Nashville-based personal stylist and wardrobe consultant who helps others walk with confidence in their own unique styles.

"Because I don’t believe style is just wearing what we love. I believe true, purposeful and intentional style is loving what we wear," says Carson.

"After a year of loungewear and elastic waistbands, many may be feeling extra pressure (and confusion) on how to look and feel like our best selves this summer. As a wardrobe and personal stylist, I spend my days helping women and men do just that! While all of our preferences and lifestyles vary greatly, here are some of my tried-and-true tips for regaining your personal style this summer."

1. Evaluate Summer Shoes

Shoes are one of the simplest ways to update all of favorite summer looks. Try starting with versatile flats. Have you traded in your flip flops for a more polished slide-style? How about adding a fresh fashion sneaker?

2. Take Inventory of What You Love (and what you don't!)

With the change of every season, I recommend setting a little time aside to take inventory of what you did and didn't wear last year. Edit out what doesn't serve you anymore, or style hidden gems in a fresh way!

3. Plan Ahead with Lookbooks

Nobody likes that feeling of rushing to get out the door, staring at your closet, and feeling like you have nothing to wear. Do yourself a favor and style outfits you love, and snap a photo on your phone. You can create your own Lookbook by saving these images to a separate album.

4. Always Have a List

After inventorying what you have, keep a running shopping list of any items that need to be replaced or holes that need to be filled. Always refer back to this list to ensure intentional purchases versus mindless browsing.

5. An Organized(-ish) Space

One of my golden rules:  If you can't see it, you won't wear it! I certainly don't think all of our closets have to be Insta-worthy, but making a space that's functional for you is key. If you're not sure where to begin, I always recommend swapping to all felt hangers. This creates more space and allows your clothes to hang uniformly. 

6. Daily Items

When shopping for summer staples, try first prioritizing items you use on a daily basis. A summer handbag, sunglasses, jewelry, the shoes that you spend most of your days in--these items might not seem as glamorous or exciting, but I think the small things add up and make the most impact.

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