Styling your Outdoor Canvas

Landscape Artistry with Brian Gray and The Grounds Guys

Article by Nicole Bell

Photography by Payton Wright Photography

Originally published in Gallatin Lifestyle

Fall is on the horizon, teasing us with its imminent arrival, leading our hearts to flutter at the prospect of crisp breezes and endless outdoor escapades.

When it comes to the stylistic architecture outside of your home, Gallatin resident Brian Gray and locally-owned The Ground Guys have quickly become the most recognized outdoor, all-purpose landscaping, design and lighting provider in our area both in the residential and commercial space.

Whether you’re stepping into a fresh abode devoid of landscaping and image, or seeking to revitalize your existing outdoor haven, The Grounds Guys bring a revitalizing consultative method that collaborates with you while crafting a landscape that not only pleases the eye but also aligns seamlessly with your financial scope. By delving into your preferences and dislikes, TGG embarks on a journey to curate a space that resonates with your vision. Customer satisfaction is a top-priority for TGG and Brian makes sure every home or business owner is included in the process and strategies that come together for the design.

There are some beautiful trends being used right now (and also that are easy to maintain) that continue to make appearances around our area and as a staple of TGG. Limelight Hydrangeas and Oakleaf Hydrangeas are southern favorites, as well as the classic Crepe Myrtles and Azaleas, both that come in a variety of colors. Hollies and Monkey Grass add pops of deep greens and Evergreens are increasing in popularity to create a natural-looking privacy screen when needed. Ensuring your newly-adorned plants flourish in a state of blissful well-being hinges on proper hydration. Brian and his team of landscape experts excel in installing irrigation systems that seamlessly nourish and revitalize any outdoor space.

Beautiful plants aren’t the only speciality TGG takes pride in offering. At times, landscaping might be splendid but lacks a touch of flair to elevate its allure. The trend of incorporating permanent LED outdoor lighting has gained widespread popularity, casting a vibrant and sustainable glow on outdoor spaces. These LED lighting systems can be recessed and colored to match your home’s existing trim and work to highlight the elegance of the home or building. The colors of these lights can be changed seasonally, for holidays, gamedays, or even daily to suit your preference and can be controlled on an app on your phone. One super-hot trend currently is permanent LED lights installed on your boat dock or outdoor decking, creating a unique look on the water or backyard in the evenings!

Enhancing an already lush landscape, plant lighting also presents an additional means to up-style your outdoor space. Basking in the spotlight, your plants will thrive, and you’ll love the sight as you arrive home after your evening endeavors on these early autumn nights.

Another option for the immediate gratification that we all desire is adding fresh mulch, fresh gravel or concrete curbing to enhance the look of your space. Concrete curbing is a new service to The Grounds Guys offerings this year and is a unique, low-maintenance element to add instant curb appeal to your yard space. The concrete curb can be colored and textured to look like realistic stone, tile, brick or you can choose the simple concrete look. This is a long-term solution to create borders around garden beds, playgrounds, sandboxes or trees. It can be utilized as an accent piece, colored and styled to match the color of your home, the existing walkways, or even the trim of your home! Curbing only takes a few days or less to create and finish and lasts for many years to come with practically no maintenance! Brian suggests waiting until late September or October to add new plants to your yard but any of the other options can be installed at any time.

As The Grounds Guys move into the busy Christmas season, one of their unique offerings is a white-glove Christmas light service complete with custom-made Christmas lights that are designed exclusively for your home or building. Get that classic Christmas look without any of the stress or having to plan, execute and install holiday lighting on our own. TGG provides all materials, all installation, maintenance and end-of-season takedown. One of the best parts of this white-glove service is that they are able to store your custom-made Christmas lights at their facility throughout the year so that reinstallation is never an issue when Christmas season rolls around again, year after year!

Our homes and businesses are so much more than just where we live or work; they are also an outward way to creatively express pride and community when we take the time to style and cultivate these areas in unique ways. With just a little bit of dreaming, while looping in experts like Brian and The Grounds Guys, our homes, offices, outdoor spaces, docks and decks can easily become a focal point for the neighborhood and an amazing, external way to show off and enjoy some truly impressive outdoor creations!

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