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Styling with a Southwest Flare

The homeowners of a mid-century style home off of Lee Boulevard decided to stop dreaming and redo the coziest spot in all of their home; the main bedroom. 

Katy Cassaw and Kat Benson of Nest Interiors were tasked with the challenge and are opening up on their experience and sharing tips on how to add functionality back into one of the most important rooms in your home. 

What was the hardest part in redesigning this room? 

Cassaw: “There were lots of angles, lots of interesting space planning and a unique layout. This client wanted to open up the room, they had almost three separate spaces in that bedroom. We blew out the bathroom and closet walls and reconfigured it, just to make it more functional and flow a little better for them.” 

How did you manage to keep the same space but still make it feel like a different room? 

Cassaw: “Before it was almost like two smaller bathrooms and we just decided to give more space to the bathroom and closet. So it took blowing out some of the interesting shaped walls, to just make it more open for them. It probably took about a year, maybe even a little longer because the design phase took a while and it took us time to figure out exactly how we could maximize each of the spaces.”

The bedroom has a southwest feel to it, what inspired the decor? 

Cassaw: “The homeowners were so happy with it. One of them has roots from New Mexico, and they also love Yellowstone. That was the inspiration, in taking desert vibes and mixing them with some country tones and a lot of deep, dark woods. We work collaboratively as a team at Nest and we worked with the client as well. The client really knew how they wanted the space to feel, so it was putting all of our minds together on how we can elevate this bedroom and bathroom. So they can escape back into this space.” 

What advice do you have for people wanting to revamp their primary room? 

Cassaw: “This is just the time to regroup, spring clean and give yourself a new life. Even just switching out pillows or redoing a little wall that we love with wallpaper. It gives something a new look without going into strong renovations.”