SUE: The T. rex Experience

See SUE's New Digs at Cranbrook Institute of Science

Looking for something wild to do this fall? SUE can’t wait to eat, or rather, meet you! Coming to the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills from October 1 to April 30, SUE: The T. rex Experience is an exciting opportunity to step into SUE’s world. SUE: The T. rex Experience is a cutting-edge exhibit that allows visitors to uncover the mysteries of the famous fossil and how scientists continue to learn from this impressive specimen.

SUE’s new digs at the Institute of Science feature an immersive multimedia adventure for the whole family. Visitors can view a 40-foot long fully articulated cast skeleton of SUE the T. rex, one of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex specimens ever discovered. Guests will also be transported to a Cretaceous forest and learn how the fossil was unearthed. Additionally, the SUE exhibit includes a cast of a Triceratops skeleton and a full-scale replica of a T.rex battling a duck-billed Edmontosaurus.

Your senses will be fully engaged on your visit. Feel the texture of dinosaur skin, hear the subsonic rumble of a T. rex, watch SUE move through the Late Cretaceous forest, and even take a sniff of dinosaur breath! Digital and sensory interactives are supplemented by a multimedia light show with full narration. The exhibition is presented in both English and Spanish.

Organized by the Field Museum and part of the Griffin Dinosaur Experience, the SUE exhibit was made possible by the generous support of the Kenneth C. Griffin Charitable Fund.

Tickets for SUE: The T. rex Experience are $10 for adults who are non-members and $9 for all Institute of Science standard members. Children ages 2-12 and adults 65 and over are $8 each. Enhanced members and children under 2 may enjoy the exhibit at no cost. Please note, non-members must also purchase general museum admission.

For more information, please visit science.cranbrook.edu/explore/exhibits/sue.

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