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A Sit-down with Santa

Santa, we appreciate you taking the time from your busy holiday schedule to sit down with us today. Help yourself to a cookie.  So, how’s KC treating you? Is the overall mood jolly out there?

HoHoHo, my service is a joy!  Yes, I’m getting busy, but the elves take excellent care of things at the North Pole, allowing me to be here.  Well, in Kansas City, like most places, I disappear after Christmas which I refer to as “empty sleigh syndrome.”  However, as the air turns crisp, people think of me again, and my jolly demeanor is free to come out and warm up the holidays.   

Your elves mentioned you’re available for Christmas parties in the area. How’s that going? Are you eating enough to make weight?

I’m busy for sure, but I still have time available!  I want to be involved with everything Christmas in KC.  Weight? HoHoHo, making weight has never really been a problem.

We know retail has changed since Macy’s and Gimbel’s, but have local businesses been festive?

Wasn’t it fun then?  Going downtown with its hustle and bustle, the cold air and snow, and the amazing decorations bringing Christmas to life. But businesses still help, and I enjoy meandering through your local stores to see their Christmas items. Of course, so much shopping is done online now, but we have great tech support at the workshop, so it’s all good.

Besides the obvious perks of no-shave winters and first crack at the newest video games, what do you love most about your job?  

I’m invited into people’s lives!  They’re relaxed and share themselves easily with me because they regard me as a trusted friend.

Any special moments stand out?  

My all-time favorite took place in Branson. Mom wanted family pictures with Santa, and the good-ol’-boy dad was being dragged down the aisle protesting all the way.  When he finally came to my chair, he hooked his thumbs in his pockets, and said, “Well, I haven’t been very good!” I leaned forward and whispered, “C’mon dude, I’m Santa, not the pope!”  His face softened, and the whole family had a great picture with Santa.

How can people help further the Claus Cause around KC?

Remember to serve others, and keep things simple.  If having fun is hard work or stress, is it really fun?  When I became Santa those many years ago, I stepped into the city square of my long-desired kingdom.  But I heard the far-off whisper of a dear friend say, “You know it’s not about you, don’t you?” In that instant I fell in love with the many people who would come streaming into my life.                      

What’s your favorite local eatery?

The Longhorn Steakhouse in Lee’s Summit!  Flo’s Filet with loaded baked potato…mmm. Simple pleasure.  

We know you can’t play favorites, but HOW ABOUT THOSE CHIEFS? Are you getting requests for Cheer Gear?

I AM getting requests for Chiefs’ gear, uh, from the elves!  HoHoHo! When football season began, we started getting requests from KC, the midwest, and other places I shouldn’t name.  I had the NPA (North Pole Associates) Product Feasibility Department research the possible out-sourcing of this item line. They watched games online to see customer desire for the product and traveled to KC to see the general attitude of the city.  They became such fans that they encouraged the entire North Pole to watch a game. It was supposed to broadcast as we worked, but the elves’ cheering became so loud that nobody could hear production business, so I had to stop the line, and all attention turned to the game.  They were raiding the warehouse for jerseys, Mrs. Claus baked hundreds of arrowhead cookies, and we took the rest of the day off and drank peppermint mochas by the fire.

Did you always want to grow up to be Santa Claus?  Have you always had some HoHoMojo?

I did!  For Christmas when I was 5 or 6, I asked for a Santa suit.  My parents got me red pajamas, and Mom sewed white fur onto the cuffs.  Years later I had my first real suit made. I believe I’ve always had that HoHoMojo.  I love people and want them to have the most memorable Christmas ever.

Are you optimistic about the holiday spirit?

Yes, I believe that God put into the hearts of people a yearning to do good and to be generous.  As long as we consider others, we’ll have a degree of good will!

How can readers contact you for their event?

HoHoHo, I would love to share your event!  My local email is santa@santakc.com.

Thanks for stopping by, Santa!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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