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Tua's suit lining

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Suiting Up Before The Big Game

Where Some Of The Biggest Names In Sports Are Shopping

Article by Kellie Walton

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

There’s a difference between bespoke and custom, with bespoke meaning every aspect of an item is built entirely for the person wearing it. That’s the name of the game at Richards Bespoke, where more than 40 measurements are taken to construct the perfect suit for their clients. 

The incredibly personalized experience has caught the attention of agents and players making up some of the biggest names in sports, from the Miami Marlins’ Jacob Stallings to the Philadelphia Eagles’ A.J. Brown. 

In early 2020, Stephen Richards, Jr., owner of Richards Bespoke, received a fateful voicemail from an NFL agent representing college football star, Tua Tagovailoa. “He was doing his leg rehab in Nashville, and he needed a suit for the draft. He asked if I wanted to do it. That was a dumb question.” 

With his whole family in tow, Tua came to the store two weeks later to get fitted for his suit, noting he wanted a custom lining that paid homage to his grandparents as a surprise. The traditional NFL draft was soon thwarted by Covid, but Stephen hand-delivered the suit to Tua before the big day anyway. When he was ultimately selected fifth overall by the Miami Dolphins, Tua flashed his custom suit lining, catching the attention of media outlets nationwide.

“He was the only player selected in the first round that wore a suit,’ Stephen shared.

Richards Bespoke also consistently outfits two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “I go to Kansas City to help him pick out suits for the season, and also for off season occasions like weddings and awards shows.” 

Stephen works together with Patrick to completely customize his looks every time he suits up, including everything from his Super Bowl outfits to his own wedding day attire. Today, Richards Bespoke works with tons of Chiefs fans eager to get their own bespoke suit from the same place as their idol. 

While Richards Bespoke has become known for dressing the stars, the most impactful celebrity Stephen has worked with is a local young man with Down syndrome, Jon Starr.

“Jon is obsessed with fashion and wanted to come in and get his own suit. He’d been saving up for it,” Stephen shared. “He’s four feet tall and he can’t find anything to fit him anywhere. His suit fit great, and he was so excited about it.” 

Stephen and Jon took a photo together that was shared on social media, leading to a moment so viral, the Richards Bespoke website crashed. Gift cards soon flooded in so Jon could continue getting custom clothing to look and feel his best. 

Stephen describes his career as a hobby that he gets paid for, and he’s truly passionate about high quality clothing and men’s fashion. To book an appointment for your own bespoke suit, visit

  • Stephen Richards with A.J. Brown
  • With Tua Tagovailoa
  • Tua's suit lining
  • Jon Starr
  • With Jon Starr
  • With Patrick Mahomes
  • Mahomes on gameday
  • Mahomes at his wedding to Brittany

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