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Summer Beach Reads

Delicious & Guilt-Free Pleasures

Article by Kimber Patterson

Photography by Rediscovered Books

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

The Summer Beach Read is often referred to as a “guilty-pleasure,” but make no mistake - you'll find no guilt here.  The definition of a great page-turner is that they are so brilliantly written you can’t put them down.  They're the book equivalent of a good friend who hangs by the pool with you all afternoon, the friend who is easy-going, delightfully fun, and maybe just a little bit bonkers.  When the days are hot and the afternoons are lazy, the best summer books sweep us away to escape in romance, mystery, sci-fi, or satire, even when there’s no beach or pool in sight. 

Rebecca Leber-Gottberg of Rediscovered Books in Boise shared some great titles for your summer reading list that includes some hilarity, a cozy mystery, and a riveting fantasy. Our brains need a break, and they deserve a long vacation from anything too dark, too messy, or too stressful (unless that's your jam, in which case Rebecca can offer up some deliciously dark suggestions, too).

More indulgent than a box of chocolates; more relaxing than a nap; more fun than a pillow fight.   Join me by the pool and bring something tall and cold to drink.

Rediscovered Books

180 N 8th Street

Boise, ID

The Roxy Letters

by Mary Pauline Lowry

Roxy’s life is a messy shambles, but she isn’t daunted.  She takes on the world in the only way she can--fighting the establishment at Whole Foods and Lululemon.  You’ll cheer and love her!

Thursday Murder Club

by Richard Osman

In a retirement village, four unlikely friends meet weekly in the Jigsaw Room to discuss unsolved crimes; they call themselves The Thursday Murder Club.  A charming, funny, cozy mystery.

Oona Out of Order

by Margarita Montimore

Unlike any time travel you have ever experienced! Every New Year's Eve, Oona time travels through her own life never knowing when she will land or what she will find. Funny, heartfelt, and delightfully odd.