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We spoke with Jim from JimLife Fitness to gather health, workout and lifestyle tips.

Looking to get your health in check this summer? Us too! However, knowing exactly how to approach fitness to get your best results can seem overwhelming. So, we knew we’d have to pull in some help.

Who better to talk to than local fitness expert, Jim from JimLife Fitness! Maybe you’ve seen his high intensity kickboxes classes via Instagram or heard about them from a friend. Either way, he knows his stuff. When talking to Jim, I sensed his dedication to fitness right off the bat.

“My number one motto is the easiest thing to do is quit. When I think of fitness, I think of life. I incorporate fitness into all aspects of my lifestyle. How I do one thing, is how I do everything. As an example, I'm never going to do 6 pushups, if I do 6, I am going to do 10. If I go over 10, I have to do 15, and if I do 15, I have to do 20. If I quit on a workout, if I quit on a set, then I'm going to quit on life. That's how loyal I am to fitness.”

I asked him what his tips are for overall health and fitness. Here’s what he said.

Diet is everything.

Jim stressed that diet is just as important, or even more important, than working out. When asked what his favorite staples in his diet are, he said, “I am so simple with meal planning, I like to stick to the basics. Bananas, smoothies, egg whites, chicken and fish. I also stick to low carb.”

To get results, you have to be disciplined.

“My main thing is discipline,” said Jim. “With fitness you need to have discipline, because without discipline results aren't going to show up.”

Consistency is the key to everything.

According to Jim, you can enjoy things in moderation, but you have to be consistent. He said that he sees a lot of people do a program just for the summer and then stop afterwards. So, they put in all that hard work for 6 to 8 weeks and then lose it. Being consistent makes it easier to maintain the results that you get. Once you get where you want to be results wise, it's easy to maintain, but you have to be consistent to get there. The first 6 to 8 weeks of working out and eating a healthier diet is hard and can seem overwhelming because you're changing your whole lifestyle.

When I asked for simple, yet effective exercises you can do anywhere, he said, “Pushups, seated dips, squats, burpees, mountain climbers and wall sits.”

Interested in seeing more of Jim or joining one of his classes? You can find him on Instagram at @jimlifefitness or