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Bake the world a better place with our Farmer's Market Mixed Berry Pie Recipe

Bake the World a better place and love wins. Who doesn't love picking up fresh berries at your local Farmer's market? This recipe is a magnificent addition to any potluck, picnic, birthday dinner or any old summer day.  Nothing beats the perfect pie enjoyed with loved ones on a summer's day.  


Pie Crust

·       2¼ cups all-purpose flour , plus more for rolling

·       ½ cup almond flour

·       3 tablespoons granulated sugar

·       14 tablespoons salted butter , frozen and cut into pats

·       1 tablespoon vinegar

·       3-6 tablespoons ice water , as needed


·       2 cups sliced strawberries

·       1 cup blueberries

·       1 cup raspberries

·       1 cup blackberries

·       2 tablespoons salted butter , cut into small cubes

·       1 teaspoon lemon zest

·       2 tablespoons lemon juice

·       1/4 teaspoon almond extract

·       ⅔ cup organic sugar

·       ½ cup AP flour

Egg wash

·       1 tablespoon heavy cream

·       1 egg

·       1 tablespoon organic sugar

·       1 tablespoon turbinado sugar


Pie Crust

1.             In a food processor combine AP flour, almond flour and sugar.

2.             Pulse dry ingredients and add half of the butter and pulse a few times.

3.             Add remaining butter and pulse until the coarse crumbles form.

4.             Add in vinegar, pulse again, and then add ice water a tablespoon at a time, pulsing         between each addition of water.

5.             Dough is perfect when it forms large crumbles that hold together when squeezed.

6.             Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm.


1.             In a bowl combine all of the filling ingredients and gently stir to combine.

2.             Set aside filling.


1.             Generously flour a piece of parchment paper and roll out half of the pie dough.

2.             Line the bottom of pie plate with it and move it to the refrigerator.

3.             Roll out top crust on a piece on the parchment paper.

4.             Cut out flower shapes in the center and transfer crust on the parchment paper to a cookie sheet and refrigerate until firm.

5.             Once both crusts are cold, fill the pie shell with berry filling and top with crust.

6.             Trim excess pie crust and crimp edges.

7.             Using leftover dough, stamp flowers, leaves and bees.

8.             Using a little bit of water, adhere the cutouts to the crust.

9.             Place in the refrigerator to set for at least an hour.

10.         About 20 minutes before baking, turn on oven to 350F to preheat.

11.         Stir together cream and egg in a small bowl

12.         In another bowl combine sugars.

13.         Brush pie with egg wash and dust with sugar.

14.         Bake pie for 60 minutes, turning pie every 15 minutes for even browning.

15.         Serve with a scoop of  your favorite ice cream