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Cool and creamy! Perfect!

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Sweet Summer Fun

Beat The Heat With These Icy Delights

Arizona is notorious for its summer sun, though locals have developed a few tricks for keeping cool over the years. Our particular favorite? Indulging in an icy treat.

Blue Ice Gelato

6878 E. Sunrise Dr.,

Authentic, homemade ingredients are the name of the game at this gelato shop. Blue Ice Gelato is the only gelato store in the state licensed to pasteurize its own base. With more than 50 flavors available, your tastebuds will be occupied all summer long.


Multiple Locations,

What started as a childhood friendship has blossomed into an empire as Jeff Kaiserman and Stephen Ochoa have shared their gelato with the world. Originally founded in Tucson, Frost brings the taste of Italy directly to our doorstep.

Sundaze Yogurt

4777 E. Sunrise Dr.,

This family-owned business makes you feel at home the moment you walk through the doors. Discover a variety of tasty options on the menu, with a whopping 75 unique flavors to choose from. Don't forget the toppings!

  • Cool and creamy! Perfect!

Megan has spent the bulk of her life living in the desert and has learned to adapt to scorching temperatures. If there's one tip she has for keeping cool in the summer, it's to grab an ice cream cone and allow your body to cool down from the inside out.