Summer Adventures are Here

The Goddard School of Gallatin shares a fun, child-led, STEAM discovery experience that will keep minds active during the summer!

Juice-Pouch Stomp Rocket

This rocket uses the power of compressed air to launch. (Budding engineers take

note: this is called pneumatics!)

Materials Needed:

One empty juice pouch, one flexible straw (comes with the pouch), one standard straw, colored cardstock and modeling clay

What To Do:

1. Snip off end of flexible straw.

2. Insert pointed end of straw into the straw hole of juice pouch.

3. Cut second straw in half. This will be your rocket.

4. Make three trapezoids from cardstock in the following dimensions: 3-inches (base), x 1-inch

(height) x ¾-inches (top). Set two aside to be full fins. Cut last one in half vertically.

5. Tape full fins on sides of straw. Don’t flatten.

6. Tape one half-fin perpendicularly to each full fin. 

7. Roll small bit of clay into ball and add to top to seal straw completely.

8. To launch the rocket, inflate pouch by blowing into the flexible straw. Bend flexible

straw to aim and place the rocket straw over the end. Stomp hard for liftoff!

While children love coming to school, everyone needs a vacation! Check out what

some local Goddard students have planned for vacation this year.

Owynn G: I have a teddy bear jar that we put money in and we save to go on vacation. I think we are going to Florida.

Ben H.: We are going to go to Gatlinburg when I turn six and we have to go to the

Gatlinburg haunted house. It’s going to be so cool!

Sadie E.: We are going to Mongolia. My grandma lives there. I was a baby the last time that we went there.

Renley R.: We like to go camping. I sleep on a couch in the RV. We also play a lot of music and play outside.

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