Summer Golfing

Keeping Your Cool On the Course

Temple Hills Country Club, located in Franklin, offers a picturesque 27-hole golf course that can be arranged in a myriad of ways to keep players on their toes. “We have the advantage of using our three nine-hole courses to make three 18-hole courses,” says PGA Director of Golf, Sean P. Wells. “We can build a tee sheet that can fit nearly five more hours of tee times than an 18-hole golf course. It also keeps the members from feeling stale, playing the same course repeatedly.” Here, Sean gives players tips for having an enjoyable and safe round of golf in the summer heat:

- Play early in the day. It’s the best way to get in a round before the temperature reaches peak, especially if you’re an "everyday" golfer, since
playing day after day will take its toll on your energy.
- Stay hydrated. Hydration is the number one key to being safe in the summer heat. Drink water before arriving at the course and have water ready for your round. Carry a Yeti thermal cup with ice that you can pour your water into throughout the round.
- Protect yourself with sunblock. Focus especially on the ears and nose, but also those areas that have not yet been exposed to the sun. Technology is great, and the heavy cotton shirts of the past are long gone. There is so much lightweight clothing available that will keep the sweat visibility to a minimum, feel better for your swing, and also protect you from the sun's rays. Also wear light colors and headwear when you play. Wide brim hats are very popular and offer the most coverage.
- Conserve energy whenever possible. Walking is how the game was meant to be played, but walkers should be smart. They should ride in a cart on days of extreme heat, or if playing every day, consider walking every other day or alternating between walking and riding nine holes.  Walking under an umbrella also offers great protection, and cart drivers can be smart by parking in the shade at every opportunity. Play fast! The quicker the round, the safer you will be.


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