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Jillian A. Wood, managing partner, Stange Law Firm

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Summer legal checkup

Shore up your custody agreement before school starts

The summer months capture our attention with warm weather and sunny skies. For parents, summer distractions make it difficult to stop and think about back to school. But for parents who share and exchange time with their children, summer can provide an important time to be proactive and plan for the coming school year. 

  1. Start looking at the school calendar and activities your children will likely participate in and compare that to your current parenting schedule. Most court ordered parenting plans allow for flexibility provided both parents can agree. For example, if your pickup and drop off times no longer work based on school or activity schedules, discuss it with the other parent and see if you can work out an updated schedule.
  2. Discuss how school registration, school fees, supplies and clothes for the upcoming school year should be handled between you and the other parent so there are clear expectations for how these responsibilities should be shared if your parenting schedule or other court orders do not address these types of issues.
  3. Finally, public health and medical experts are all forecasting that coronavirus is likely to impact this coming school year, so summer is now an important time for parents to make plans for how they will care and help in the education of their children if schools are forced to close again during the fall or winter months. 

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  • Jillian A. Wood, managing partner, Stange Law Firm

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