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Plenty of options offer playtime and relaxation in a custom Claffey Pool: hot tubs, water benches and stools, tanning ledges. water features and more!

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What Backyard Dreams Are Made Of

Meet Claffey Pools & Backyard Butler: Local Businesses Here to Transform Your Outdoor Space

As the warmer months approach, many homeowners are looking for ways to elevate their outdoor spaces and create a haven for relaxation and entertainment. But beautifying the backyard space can be daunting: that’s where Claffey Pools and Backyard Butler come in. As longtime local businesses, they continually outdo themselves in making backyard dreams a reality for community members who want to make the most of their space. 

With a deep understanding of the latest design trends and a passion for delivering exceptional results,  Claffey Pools is committed to transforming each backyard into a stunning oasis that exceeds expectations. Best of all, they take all the guesswork out of the process and walk alongside their clients each step of the way to ensure no dreams are left behind. 

“I always start by asking my clients why they want a pool. Is it for recreation, exercise, aesthetic value, for the kids?” says Shelly Claffey, Owner and Design Consultant at Claffey Pools. “Do they like to entertain? If so, how many people to do they like to have over? The answers to all of these questions influence a design. Whatever we incorporate, whether it’s just a swimming pool, a spa, a fountain or a unique water feature, I ensure that it's an extension of the home that compliments it from all views. Thinking about all the lines of sight and incorporating elements of design from the home can help tie everything together. Every backyard is unique in its own way, and I like to look at the space, the elevation, home and overall environment to work towards a design that fits their wants and needs.” 

Shelly shares that perimeter overflow pools and spas are among her current favorite trends and types of projects. “Artificial turf accents are another one of my favorites right now,” says Shelly. “By incorporating them in the hardscape design, they help soften the space and add interest.”

Another popular trend Claffey Pools embraces is the use of LED lighting and strip accent lighting. By strategically placing lights throughout the pool, water feature walls, hardscapes and softscapes, they bring a captivating and mesmerizing ambiance to any outdoor space, perfect for evening gatherings or late-night dips.

Claffey Pools understands that each client has their own vision for their pool space. “That's why we take the time to understand your needs and desires before embarking on the design process,” says Shelly. 

As an industry leader with cutting-edge technology and across-the-board energy efficiencies, clients of Claffey Pools can trust that they bring a commitment to excellence to every project. 

“Our design team takes pride in their work and truly appreciates every customer they are working with,” says Shelly. “They are always willing to go the extra mile until the design is exactly what our clients are looking for. They spend time not only creating a 3D plan to illustrate the entire concept but also helping with all the material selections for the project.  This is typically in our new innovative showroom and outside courtyard or even visiting past pool projects that we have completed. We create custom designs and not pulling out from a catalog."

Claffey Pools' dedication to excellence extends beyond their pool designs. They are also actively involved in initiatives that promote water safety and drowning prevention. Through their partnership with Rowdy, they aim to provide swim lessons to underprivileged children across the state, ultimately saving lives and creating a nationwide impact.

“With our renewed annual support, your Claffey team looks to raise $30,000, which will be matched by PHTA and ultimately afford over 1,000 children to learn to swim!” says Shelly. “There is no better mission than drowning prevention! We are leading a nationwide reach that will ultimately create over 30,000 swimmers that, without this program, simply may never have the ability to gain this critical life skill."

As part of this partnership, for every new pool or remodel purchase, Claffey Pools rounds up to the nearest $100 or contributes $75, whatever is bigger, and every retail, service and maintenance transaction all get rounded to the nearest $1.00. 

But every backyard, pool or no pool, can be made more beautiful with thoughtful upkeep. That's where Backyard Butler comes in, a specialized exterior estate cleaning service, the only outdoor cleaning company that is full service. 

From outdoor and furniture cleaning to pressure washing, artificial turf cleaning and more, Backyard Butler is the community go-to to make every outdoor space outstanding. 

Summer is the perfect time to give the backyard some TLC; why not give Claffey Pools and Backyard Butler a call?

  • Ava and Rae enjoy a Fourth of July Celebration in a Claffey Pool at the home of Larry and Hope Evans
  • Pool Party celebrating the arrival of Summer in a gorgeous custom pool designed and built by Claffey Pools of Southlake
  • Shelley Claffey of Claffey Pools and Jon Driscoll of Backyard Butler
  • Plenty of options offer playtime and relaxation in a custom Claffey Pool: hot tubs, water benches and stools, tanning ledges. water features and more!