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Sunset over Anaheim Hills.

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Summer Sunsets

Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills offer us opportunities for exercise, mindfulness, and gratitude.

     Sometimes when I walk the trails of Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills-- the ones that reach back into the valleys and canyons away from houses and cars, I imagine that this is what the natives and westward seekers might have seen just 150 years ago. The sky changes colors from minute to minute, and trail below my feet disappears, the hawks circling overhead in silhouette against the twilight sky.

       As romantic and picture-perfect as sunset moments can be, most of us only make time for watching the sunset when we're on vacation, as if those special moments are reserved for when we’re free from everyday obligations. Living in an area with plenty of hilly vantage points, a full-view sunset isn’t far from home. Here are some reasons you should put down your phone to unplug from the day and count down to a fantastic Orange County sunset.

        3. Get fresh air and exercise socially distanced. Walking or riding a bicycle outdoors is one of the lowest risk activities that also boosts the immune system. People with sensitive skin and eyes can benefit from the last hour of sunrays to get vitamin D (the body creates vitamin D naturally from direct and indirect sunlight) while protecting yourself against excessive heat.

        2. Pause and be present.  Life can rush by too fast if we don’t pay attention. Being in the present is one way to feel that time is slowing down. What better way to practice being aware of the present moment than by watching the literal passing of time as the sun sinks below the horizon.

        1. Practice gratitude. Watching the sun go down (or up) is a timeless practice of thankfulness for the moments in the day we may have missed. Prayer and thankfulness can boost overall well-being, gladness, and restful sleep.

  • Sunrise over Yorba Linda hills.
  • Clear sunset overlooking Orange County with a peek through the tall mustard grass.
  • Sunset from a peak in Anaheim Hills.
  • Sunset over Anaheim Hills.