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How Two Buckhead Moms are Spreading the Spirit of Joy and Love

Simona Spagnoli and Sarah Asher met in 2005 the way many moms meet…in a car pool. Both of them were transplants to Atlanta (from Rome and Florida, respectively) and were drawn to the warmth and joy emitting from the other. After years of playdates, yoga outings, and coffee chats, Simona and Sarah decided they needed to band together to spread their feelings of peace, love and compassion throughout Buckhead and beyond. So in 2016 they started Sun In My Soul, and begun to design clothing with inspirational messages.

Sun in My Soul has become a movement of positivity. In their first two years, they were able to reach thousands of people in Atlanta.They have built a tribe of fellow positivity seekers (called SOULdiers) to help spread the ideas of inner peace, self-love, and empowerment. Simona and Sarah came up with the name Sun in My Soul because they believe happiness is a choice and not dependent on anyone else but yourself.

Simona says, “Happiness is a choice you make in the morning after waking up. When you have sun in your soul, you see beauty everywhere; when you have sun in your soul you can then spread it to others. How can you spread love without having it first? You cannot pour from an empty cup.”

A portion of the profits from each sale of Sun in My Soul merchandise goes to Do It For the Love foundation. This non-profit, started by Michael and Sara Franti, brings people living with life-threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges and wounded veterans to live concerts. 

Simona lived in Italy, France and Pittsburgh before making her home in Buckhead. She and Marco have three children. Sarah moved from Maitland, Fla., to Atlanta in 1993. She and Lee have two children.