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Sundae Sundays

Movie Night at the DePietres

Sunday evenings are sacred for the DiPietre family. It’s family time. It’s time when seven pairs of feet race down carpeted stairs to enter a cool, dark place where magic happens and time seems to stand still. It’s movie night at the DiPietres! 

The Dipietre brood are headed by Jackie and Jacob, and their five youngsters - Isabelle (15,) Andrew (13,) Emma (11,) Alex (8,) and Jack (5.) They’re the new kids on the block in Peachtree City’s Stoneybrook neighborhood. Despite busy schedules, the family believes in carving out quality time together so they created movie nights.  

Movie time is Sunday evening after dinner. Before their special time watching movies, the family works hard to finish chores and homework so that their time together can be uninterrupted and stress-free. Ice cream is an important part of movie night. On warmer days, Jacob loads the kids on the golf cart to pick up ice cream treats. Other Sundays, the family makes sundaes at home. A “universal” favorite is mint chocolate chip with hot fudge - yum! Children and parents don pajamas and make their way down to grab favorite spots on the Lovesac Sactional, an adjustable, sectional couch, large enough for 7! 

“It’s funny ‘cause everyone usually fights for their favorite spots at the beginning. By the end of the movie, everyone’s moved around to either cuddle or spread out in other directions", Jackie said. 

After the movie is over, everyone helps to put things back in order - rearranging the Sactional back to its original position, folding blankets, and switching off the theater room lights. Then, off to bed!

The Big Screen

Characters seem to come to life on the 10’ by 6’ Sony screen. The family takes turns selecting movies and weaving themes around them. For the Avengers films, parents and children add to the fun by dressing up in character.

The Treat Center

Jackie makes fresh popcorn and fills the jelly bean jar for a fun family time. Sometimes, she’ll prepare a special treat. During Star Wars movies, the family feasts on Han burgers, Chewbacca cookies, and Yoda soda. 

The Lovesac Sactional

The Lovesac Sactional fits this family of seven perfectly. Sactionals are rearrangeable, moveable, and washable. Depending on the number of seats and sides, one can create a theater-style seating or even make a bed!