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Tipping Point, ZaZa Burger. Photo courtesy of ourtesy Photo

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Sun's Out, Buns Out

Dig into some of Houston's best burgers this summer season.

Grilling season is here, and for many of us, that means dusting off our burger recipes and firing up the grill. But if you don't have a grill or want to avoid the summer heat by staying inside, Houston restaurants have plenty of mouth-watering burgers to satisfy any craving. High-quality ingredients are the hallmark of a good burger, and diners can choose from veggies or salmon, brisket, ground beef, or even go all out with elevated wagyu beef. There are so many options to choose from; it is nearly impossible to miss out on the joys of burger season in Houston this summer. 

Top it Like it's Hot 

Looking for a twist on the traditional? Houston chefs have no shortage of tasty ways to turn a traditional burger into a more inventive (and delicious) culinary masterpiece. How about some crispy bacon or creamy avocado? Try adding a perfectly fried egg, grilled jalapeños, or a gourmet cheese blend. Chefs have found ways to breathe new life into this much-loved dish. 

In addition to toppings, there is no limit to how many patties fit between two buns. Try a double even triple-stacked burger. The Smothered & Covered burger from 1891 American Eatery & Bar will make you rethink hunger. 

The Best Burger Buns 

Nothing is better than a burger fresh off the grill on a soft and tasty bun, but not all bread is created equal. A perfect hamburger bun needs to resist getting soggy, not break apart, and still be soft enough to bite into. The internet will argue that potato buns are the clear winner (we are looking at you, Daily Gather), but several Houston restaurants put serious time and effort into their bread service. 

Doris Metropolitan has updated its hall-of-fame sesame bun burger, which is worthy of attention. Tipping Point at Hotel ZaZa offers a sumptuous brioche bun, while Christian's Tailgate (voted best burger in Texas) offers freshly toasted buns every time. 

  • Tipping Point, ZaZa Burger. Photo courtesy of ourtesy Photo
  • 1891 American Eatery & Bar. Smothered & Covered. Photo by Andrew Hemingway
  • FM Kitchen & Bar, FM Burger. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam
  • Eunice Cheeseburger. Photo courtesy of Eunice
  • Andiron Burger. Photo by Duc Hoang
  • Christian Tailgate burgers. Photo courtesy of Christian Tailgate.
  • Doris Metropolitan, Doris Burger. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam
  • Daily Gather, Breggy Bomb Burger. Photo by Maddy Lingwall
  • BB Lemon Smashburger. Photo by Kirsten Gilliam