Super Siders: Your General Contractor

Building Legacies, Taking the High Road, and Giving Back

Super Siders, a trusted name in the general contracting industry since 1990, stands tall in Albertville, MN, serving customers across the state of Minnesota. With a commitment to excellence, a consultative approach, and a heartfelt dedication to community and family, Super Siders has earned its reputation as the go-to general contractor. 

In a recent interview with Russ Winslow, the founder, we gained insights into their unique philosophy, their enduring legacy in honor of daughter Kyra Winslow, and their impactful initiatives to give back to the community that has supported them over the years.


The Super Siders Approach

Super Siders started in the subcontracting space, supporting various general contractors. But over time, friends and family members started requesting services while word of mouth spread about their commitment to high-quality work and a great customer experience. As a result, they gradually expanded their services based on customer demand. Their niche, however, remains in windows, siding, and roofing. 

Offering a complete design and build service, Super Siders distinguishes itself by meticulously understanding clients' wants and needs. Their extensive processes involve a face-to-face meeting to provide accurate estimates and create two project designs within the specified budget. The resulting hybrid project ensures satisfaction while navigating the sometimes challenging budget discussions.

Russ emphasizes the importance of a consultative approach, stating, "We do a bit of everything." From interiors and additions to decks, Super Siders takes pride in their versatility and commitment to meeting clients' expectations. 


Honoring Kyra Winslow's Legacy

When asked about what he loves most about coming to work, Russ shared, “I get to come to work and see my kids every day. So many people I know have kids that have grown up and gone off to do their own thing. My kids, Tanner and Darian, now adults, are right here, working alongside one another.”

And so, at the heart of Super Siders lies a profound commitment to family and legacy. Tragically, the Winslow family lost their youngest daughter, Kyra, in a car accident in December 2020. In her memory, the Winslows and all employees carry a coin engraved with Kyra's pledge: "Smile often, laugh loudly, be positive, improve daily." 

The office, once a place where all three children interned during college, now continues with Darian as the office manager and Tanner overseeing operations. Every Wednesday, the entire team wears purple in honor of Kyra, keeping her spirit alive within the company.

Further, all employees carry what is called the morality coin, donning a superhero emblem on one side with the company logo on the other. This coin offers a daily reminder to take the high road. If faced with a compromising situation, rubbing the coin encourages a commitment to integrity. 

For the team at Super Siders, ethical conduct isn't just a motto—it's a way of life. The team believes in earning trust through smaller jobs, ensuring they are top of mind when clients embark on larger projects.


Taking the High Road and Giving Back

Super Siders stands out not only for its exceptional services but also for its dedication to community and giving back. In 2019-2020, the company received the Torch Award for Ethics from the Better Business Bureau. This recognition was a testament to their commitment to four core values: caution, curiosity, unreasonableness, and being true to their word. 

The first core value, "Be cautious," speaks to the importance of making informed decisions and recognizing when a project may not align with the company's values or the client's best interests. This value encourages a discerning approach, emphasizing quality over quantity. 

The second core value, "Be curious," reflects Super Siders' dedication to continuous improvement and client satisfaction. This value encourages the team to embrace a proactive attitude, particularly when uncertain. If a question arises and the answer isn't immediately apparent, the team is committed to conducting thorough research to provide clients with accurate and informed solutions. 

"Be unreasonable" is more than a call to be unconventional—it's a strategic approach to planning and execution. Super Siders acknowledges that the unexpected is inevitable in the construction industry. This core value challenges the team to think beyond the conventional and anticipate potential challenges. By planning for the unexpected, Super Siders ensures they are well-prepared to navigate unforeseen obstacles, demonstrating their commitment to delivering high-quality results regardless of the circumstances.

The final core value, "Be your word," epitomizes Super Siders' unwavering commitment to integrity and accountability. The company sets itself apart in an industry where promises are often broken by ensuring that every commitment made to clients is honored. This value reinforces clients' trust in the company and solidifies Super Siders' reputation for reliability. Whether a small project or a large-scale undertaking, being true to one's word is non-negotiable for the Super Siders team.

These values guide the team in making ethical decisions and planning for unexpected challenges.

Taking a Stand Against Trafficking

In 2023, Super Siders took a significant step by donating proceeds from Everlight installations to prevent child trafficking. Everlights, permanent LED holiday lights, offered customers a chance to contribute to a vital cause while enhancing their homes. Looking ahead to 2024, Super Siders plans to offer multiple cause options, allowing customers to choose a cause close to their hearts.

"It's all about giving back to the community that gives to you. We've been fortunate over the last 30+ years, and we want to give back to those that helped us." 

From their consultative approach to their commitment to ethical business practices and philanthropy, Super Siders sets a shining example for the construction industry, creating jealous neighbors since 1990!


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