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2. Big Machine Distillery & Tavern vodka slushies

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Boozy Shakes And Slushies

Frozen Slushies And Spiked Milkshakes Abound Across Music City

1. Chopper Tiki Bar serves up futuristic vibes in a tropical hideout in East Nashville, alongside frozen libations, such as a painkiller, rum runner and a tall, layered blend of both, the lava flow. 

2. Big Machine Distillery & Tavern mixes up their vodka into a tasty rainbow of slushie options, such as lemonade, blue raspberry and a rotating cast of seasonal flavors. 

3. Party Fowl might be most known for their massive menu of creative takes on Nashville hot chicken, but they also serve some of the city's best boozy slushies and a creamy bourbon Bushwacker to kill the burn. Slushie-wise, think watermelon frosé, cherry limeade and frozen mimosas.

4. Love and Exile Bar has a great outdoor gathering space prime for sipping icy frozen white sangria, opero spritzes, and of course, frosé.

5. Bringle's Smoking Oasis also has a solid patio setting plus four boozy frozen drinks cranking regularly:  frosé and aperol spritzes, plus strawberry and spicy margaritas. 

6. Pinewood Social offers plenty of entertainment in the form of bowling, two dipping pools, great coffee, workspace and a patio scene, but there also are frozen blood orange margaritas and frosé to boot.

7. Burger Republic boasts a whopping selection of eight spiked milkshakes. Vodka lovers will adore the "Evil S'mores" while whiskey aficionados can indulge in the "Maple Bourbon" or the "Kentucky Thunder." 

8. Hopdoddy Burger Bar serves booze-infused Nutella Chocolate Pretzel, Cookies 'N Cream, and Salted Caramel Shakes alongside classic Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla varieties.

9. Donut Distillery serves a whole slew of spiked donut shakes, from the cinnamon sugar "Fire in the Hole" to The Death by Chocolate donut with spiced rum or whiskey.

10. Midnight Oil's frosé is a solid (and boozy) one, and so is their frozen peach jalapeno margarita. Each is available via the walk-up window in the Nations. 

11. Jasper's serves four icy crushable cocktails, ready for patio sipping. There's standard frosé, plus frozen takes on a mule, a hurricane and a "cold fashioned" made with Nelson's Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey.

12. Hopsmith in Midtown Nashville offers two, yard-long frozen drink options:  quintessential frosé and ice-cold frozen lemonade. 

  • 9. Donut Distillery's spiked Reese's Donut Milkshake
  • 3. Party Fowl's "Loaded" Bourbon Bushwacker Willie Pop "Floated" Frozen Lemonade "Loaded" Cherry Limeade "Loaded" Riunite Rita
  • 1. Chopper Tiki Bar's frozen Lava Flow
  • 4. Love and Exile Bar
  • 7. Burger Republic's spiked milkshakes
  • 11. Jasper's Cold Fashioned
  • 2. Big Machine Distillery & Tavern vodka slushies
  • 8. Hopdoddy Burger Bar's chocolate shake, spiked with rum
  • 6. Pinewood Social frosé
  • 12. Hopsmith Tavern's frozen drinks
  • 5. Bringle's Smoking
  • 5. Bringle's Smoking Oasis frosé