Supplementing Winter Health

Boost Your Arsenal This Season

The resolutions are fresh and the temps are chilly. This post-holiday season generally feels drier and darker and providing our minds and bodies with an extra boost is essential. Seeking insights from some of the River City's beloved fitness instructors, we asked each to share the one supplement, practice or nutrient to add to our winter arsenal. Whether your 2024 mantras involve mindfulness, intentional movement or proper hydration, the following suggestions could contribute to overall well-being throughout the winter and beyond.

“That's easy, Vitamin D.”

- Dion Welling, Wellhouse Fitness

“I don’t use supplements, but I do see a lot of value in natural oils. Namely Frankincense, Lavender and Ylang Ylang oils."

-Laura Harkavy, Yoga Instructor at Sana Yoga

“The best supplement is staying consistent. Manage your time wisely and put ‘taking care of YOU’ as important as everything else.”

-Shaun Lloyd, Personal Trainer

“I love using an LED face mask. Red light therapy can support collagen production and benefit skin, but can also lower stress and improve your mood and sleep quality – a perfect antidote to the winter blues.”

-Maggie Phillips, Pilates Instructor at Core Collective

“Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath Salts – for a great detox. It helps with sore muscles, sleeplessness and when you start to feel the hint of sinus congestion.”

-Jocelyn Brunotte, Mind/Body HAUS

“Stay hydrated – hot lemon water in the morning and add electrolytes in the afternoon. Don’t forget about Vitamin D. Soak up all the energy from the sun.”

-Bekah Kingsley, Kinglsey Training  

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