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We love our small businesses. Anyone around town can easily list their top three favorite shops and restaurants in the community without skipping a beat. What people might not know about these businesses, and what makes the Kirkwood area so unique, is that women own many of our shops. We are happy to highlight a few outstanding women owners in our community!

Weinhardt Party Rentals
11601 Manchester Rd, Des Peres 
Phone: 314-822-9000

Dawn Weinhardt, a 3rd generation business owner, talks about supporting local businesses, “The thing about this situation is that it’s a big wake-up call for everyone. Before this, we were all so busy; every minute was filled with activity. Now we are forced to be un-busy. When things return to normal, I hope we continue to support small businesses and shop locally instead of buying online because we are too busy to shop in person. Even if you are shopping at a big box store, at least do it in your local community. As long as you are shopping at the local stores, you are still supporting the economy in your city. And, I hope that families continue to take time to sit down and have a beautiful family meal together instead of just getting back to being too busy.” 

 Britt’s Bakehouse
137 W Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood
Phone: 314-858-1117

Britt Royal was diagnosed with gluten-intolerance in 2009. At that time, there weren’t a lot of options for great tasting gluten-free food. Luckily, Britt enjoyed baking and making cakes. She was determined to continue to make great food and maintain delicious flavors and textures when she opened her bakehouse. Gluten-free people are thrilled to learn they can choose anything in her store because everything is gluten-free. People who are not gluten-free are delighted to find Britt’s items taste just as good as normal baked-goods, and in some cases, better. Britt learned very quickly that her customer’s favorite treats are her chocolate chip, sugar, and ginger molasses cookies. 

Checkered Cottage
135 W Jefferson Ave, Kirkwood 
Phone: 314-909-7233

Susan Fulton was a single mom with two small children working for corporate America when she opened Checkered Cottage in 1999. At that time, Susan had become friends Robin and Linda, who worked at a local craft store. When Susan found out the store was closing, she decided to buy the shop and bring her two friends into the new business. Susan, Robin, and Linda celebrated their new venture by sitting on the patio at Mike Duffy’s brainstorming names for the new store. They wanted a name that was comforting and welcoming. Checkered Cottage celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year. These three women have been best friends and co-workers for over two decades.  

Naturally Inspired Gifts
110 N. Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood
Phone: 314-270-3288

Donna Overy is passionate about creating customized gift baskets for individuals and corporate clients. The baskets are filled with the latest trends, such as tasty treats, luxurious indulgences, humorous household items, and one-of-a-kind finds. Shoppers are often surprised when they walk in and discover the extensive collection of locally made art, gifts, and photography. Local school gear can also be found along with upscale fashion and accessories.

CBD Canvas Boutique & Dispensary
11742 Manchester Rd, Des Peres
Phone: 314-394-3066

Years before CBD was available locally, founder Kelly Christensen was educating owners and staff at health-food stores across the Midwest about the endocannabinoid system and hemp extracts. Together with Dr. Tiffanie A. Jones, a medically trained naturopathic doctor, Kelly’s mission is to empower people to heal better. Visit Kelly for information about her Community I.M.P.A.C.T. Program – an acronym for Integrative Medicinal Plants and Active Cannabis Therapy.

Mirage Spa & Recreation, Inc
469 N Kirkwood Rd, Kirkwood
Phone: 314-965-0660

Karen Port believes hydrotherapy is essential for ailing bodies. For many people, the only time they are pain-free is when their body is fully immersed in hot water. Spas help dilate the blood vessels and release toxins. A variety of deep tissue massages work through the muscles and are a daily regimen for individuals seeking a pain-free and stress-free life. What a fantastic way to lower your heart rate, reduce anxiety, and sleep better at night.  

Peg Weathers, President of the Kirkwood – Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce, suggests ways to support local:

  • Buy gift cards. It may not be possible to go to some of your favorite shops right now. With a gift card, you are still able to provide the essential revenue small shops need to stay viable.
  • Write online reviews. A positive review for a small business owner is a quick and easy way to let owners know you value their products or services. Visitors may read your review and may become inspired to visit the store. 
  • Use Zoom. Zoom provides an opportunity to connect in a completely new way. The Kirkwood – Des Peres Chamber just hosted its first Zoom Frist Friday Coffee Meeting. People who are usually quitter were able to connect in a way they don’t ordinally do in person.
  • Be active on businesses' social media accounts. The simple task of sharing, liking, and re-posting goes a long way for small businesses.
  • Utilize take-out, delivery, and curbside pickup. Most local businesses are getting creative and offering new ways to access some of your favorite shops. If you are unsure what your favorite business is offering, don’t be afraid to call! Be patient.

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