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Let's take care of each other. Our local small businesses need us more than ever.

Are you looking for ways to support local businesses during this unprecedented time? There are so many various industries affected by Covid19, and we are looking for ways to support the businesses that often support us. Our local businesses do so many things for our community and now is the time for us to give back to them. Countless times our businesses  step up to sponsor our school events, area fundraisers and give to important area outreaches. Let's find ways to show love to the businesses in our community. Here are some ways that some of our area businesses are finding ways to still offer services. 

Leawood Family Care 

We are committed to providing excellent care to our patients while also considering the health and safety of our patients, physicians, and staff. We understand the fear and concern surrounding COVID-19. We are here for you, and we know your concerns, so we are making life a little easier. Telehealth visit is now available. You are able to connect with our physicians and nurse practitioners from the comfort of your home by requesting an appointment. 

Royal Garage Door

Royal Garage Door is doing everything we can to keep our services safely available during this time. We are: 

1. using electronic "paperwork" 

2. Requiring phone credit card payments instead of in-person methods of payment

3. Not entering people’s homes, aside from the empty garage 

4. Requiring customers to not enter or be present in the garage

5. Asking our employees to stay home if they or their family have shown any sign of illness 

6. Keeping a supply of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer on our trucks 

Our goal is to not put our customers or employees in harm’s way while still providing essential service to our customers and a paycheck to our employees. Stay safe, and thank you for shopping local! Every small, family business appreciates your support.

Global Connections

Even in a stay-in-place order, Global Connections Travel Agency is servicing our clients from the socially distanced comfort of our own homes, facilitating the many questions arising due to growing recommendations and restrictions, and helping travelers just as we always have. With the ability to book online, we’re encouraging customers to give themselves future vacations to look forward to as well as providing great tips of what to do while we’re all at home, patiently awaiting getting out and traveling again. This view, taken by one of our clients, can be yours again soon!

Cedar Lake Village 

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, older Americans at senior living communities all over the country are isolating in place. At Cedar Lake Village we are re-inventing our processes to best serve our seniors during this time. Meals are being delivered door-to-door by friendly staff members in all departments ready to offer a cheerful smile and positive attitude. New tablets have been purchased to assist residents with video calls to their loved ones. Residents are organizing “balcony parties” to maintain social contact with each other during this time of social distancing, and bingo games are being played throughout the hallways. If there is one thing we’ve learned from this pandemic, it’s the power of individuals coming together for the greater good to protect one another and encourage each other.

Ad Astra Financial Group

Our team at Ad Astra Financial Group has quickly adapted to change during the COVID-19 outbreak. By utilizing world-class technology and secured networks we can operate from a distance while still staying in close communication with our valued clients via phone, email or video calls. But nothing beats a great conversation over a cup of coffee, and we look forward to getting back to our face-to-face client review meetings once this trying time for our country has passed.

Karen Reimer, CFP
George Hornbeck, Wealth Advisor
Ad Astra Financial Group
13220 Metcalf, Suite 210, Overland Park, KS 66213
358 N. Main, Suite 302, Wichita, KS 67202

Securities and investment advisory services offered through SagePoint Financial, Inc. (SPF), member FINRA/SIPC. SPF is separately owned and other entities and/or marketing names, products or services referenced here are independent of SPF.

True Peace Financial Solutions, LLC 

Most of us remember a time when face-to-face meetings were the Gold Standard—especially when those meetings involved our personal finances. In these changing times, we still prefer that Gold Standard treatment when it comes to financial conversations. At True Peace Financial Solutions, we offer the use of technology to provide a private, personal Gold Standard conversation with an independent financial advisor who is qualified to answer your questions in today’s financial environment. Schedule your face-to-face private visit with Leslie Davis today by calling our office at 913-681-2609. Yes, we still answer our phones! 

President Leslie Davis  

True Peace Financial Solutions, LLC 

7450 W. 130th St, Suite 215 

Overland Park, KS 66213 

Office: 913-681-2609

Goldstein Team

From my home to yours:

One of the many great pleasures of my business is helping to provide a safe haven for my family and my clients who wish to sell or purchase their next home. I suspect that never have the safety and comfort of our own homes been so appreciated. I will do all I can to ensure The Goldstein Team actively appreciate the selfless actions of those who leave their own homes to keep us safe and as a real estate professional, I've also found that providing the very best service is essentially about putting my clients first. 

I write this and think of you all today, still facing the uncertainties of a world that has changed. When so much is being cancelled or postponed, time remains our most precious gift. There is comfort in knowing that spring arrived right on time. We will celebrate our holidays differently this year, but they will all arrive right on time. We are remarkably resilient in the face of tremendous challenges, and we have the time to focus on priorities which include keeping those we love safe and healthy. So today is about all of you. Our togetherness is a source of strength and power. We may not all be meeting face-to-face quite yet, but every passing day I am reminded that “also highly contagious is…kindness, patience, love and a positive attitude. Don’t wait to catch it from others. BE THE CARRIER.”

Land of Paws

You can’t forget about your furry friends during this crazy time. Consider us the grocery store for your pets. We have been taking phone orders and offering curbside assistance with just limited hours. We are fully stocked with everything from leashes and collars to spring toys and treats. Some popular items have included interactive puzzles for dogs to keep them entertained. The CBD oil has also helped to keep them calm during this stressful time. It’s been so humbling how supportive the KC community has been. Instagram and Facebook have been great platforms for us to keep our customers updated with the latest news and updates.

Children's Mercy

During this rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, Children’s Mercy is taking all precautions to protect our patients, families and staff. Angela Myers, MD, MPH, Children’s Mercy Director, Division of Infectious Diseases, has tips for social distancing during this challenging time. 

“Even if you and your family are feeling well, it is important to stay home,” Dr. Myers says. “This is the time for you to catch up on your Netflix or play board games with your kids or make brownies. Do all the other fun things you can think to do while at home.”

In addition to avoiding crowded areas, Dr. Myers also reminds everyone they need to be washing their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using alcohol hand gel. For additional information on how to keep you and your family safe, visit childrensmercy.org.

How Can You Help Our Local Businesses?

  • Purchase a gift card from a local store to use at a later date. This gives the local business revenue to utilize now, and gives the customer something to look forward to spending at a later date.
  • Write a positive review for your favorite local spots. So often we visit locations and don't think of writing a positive review for that company. A positive review can boost the company's ratings and may encourage someone to be a future client or customer. 
  • Do you love a local small business? Well shout it from the rooftops! Personal referrals are one of the best ways to obtain new clients or customers. Share on your social media pages about why you love a favorite local business and make a conscious effort to refer your favorites to your friends and neighbors. 
  • Visit the chamber of commerce website to discover ways to support local businesses. Think beyond just curbside pickup. 
  • Sign-up for local online instructional classes from local musicians, artists and more. Now is your opportunity to learn from incredibly talented people and support them financially at the same time.

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