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CBD Products for People and Their Animals

Sky Wellness is a local Scottsdale company founded by agriculture veteran Mike Standlee and cannabis industry expert Skylar Jessen. According to Sky Wellness CEO ​Thom Brodeur, “Our mission is really simple... whether one person and their dog or 100 million people and their animals, we want our products to make you feel better.”

Customers report that the products also taste great.

CBD and THC are both chemicals produced by the cannabis plant. Hemp is a variety of cannabis, from which Sky Wellness derives its CBD. Without the psychogenic characteristics of THC or marijuana, CBD-infused oils, tinctures, edibles, or other products will not make users high. Hemp has been around for thousands of years and has more than 50,000 uses, ranging from building materials and textiles to skincare, food, and paper products.

Sourcing hemp and other raw materials is a major part of what sets Sky Wellness apart from its competitors. 

“We're a made in the U.S.A.-type company and that is our commitment to our customers and the industry,” Brodeur explains. “We're seeing a steep growth of the agribusiness sector, where farmland previously used for other commodity or lower-earning crop types is being repurposed to take advantage of the promise of a 'green rush' associated with hemp and cannabis farming.”

Along with making people and their pets feel better, Sky Wellness likes to educate its consumers about CBD.

"Education and transparent information-sharing are also hallmarks of our company," says Brodeur. "The more you know, the better we've done our job, and that's critically important to us."

Sky Wellness creates unique formulations to meet specific consumer needs by combining CBD with other cannabinoid minors. For example, using CBG (a natural energy enhancer) or CBN (a natural support for rest and relaxation) with other support ingredients like melatonin, elderberry, lidocaine, menthol, eucalyptus, and lavender.

While many customers use hemp-derived CBD products for general anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety characteristics, Brodeur suggests that CBD users identify a purpose.

“If you have a need to just relax or calm yourself, start with our 500mg RELAX tincture,” he explains. “Start small and with a specific purpose and build from there.”

Brodeur uses his own 74-year-old mother as an example.

“My mom was never a CBD consumer,” he explains. “She started with our 1,000mg RELIEF tincture and then added our RELIEF roll-on with lidocaine. She hasn't taken a prescription pain med in over a year.”

The Sky Wellness brand portfolio has nearly 100 products, ranging from edibles to tinctures and topicals, skincare, vapes, and pet products, across four house brands: Sky Wellness, CBDaF!, EquineX, and D Oh! Gee. 

“Our goal,” explains Brodeur, “is to amplify the impact of our CBD products and make the CBD work harder for our customers.”

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