Surefire Ways to Heat up Your Summer – Pest Free

LDG Services shares ways to prevent bugs from getting inside your home and how to deal with them when they arrive.

Article by Malena Jezek

Photography by Lauren Holub Photography

Originally published in Memorial Lifestyle

As soon as summer sets in, families enjoy long days spent outdoors - sprucing up the yard and completing outdoor projects are top of mind. Just as we get outside to soak in the sunshine, the insects and bugs come out of winter hiding to do the same. Suddenly mosquitos, spiders, and wasps are invading our space both inside and out. Thankfully there are ways to keep unwanted visitors to a minimum with LDG Services.

It’s your yard, and you deserve to keep it that way this season. That’s what proud family man and business owner Taylor Mapes of LDG Services believes. “I am an owner of the company in partnership with my dad. My mom does all the administrative/office work, and my wife is in line to take that over next. So, we are definitely family owned and operated.”

Pest Control had always been a side venture for the Mapes family, but LDG Services has committed full-time to helping clients rid themselves of unwanted pests in the last five years. “It was a blessing as now I don’t travel, and I am happy to own a local business,” Mapes says.

Mapes enjoys spending every minute outside both in Houston and on a high-fence hunting ranch in Freer, Texas. Between their personal passions and thriving business, they are the perfect experts to ask how to enjoy an insect-free summer. Mapes shares his top tips below.

1. Repair any window screens that may be damaged or have holes. This repair helps seal your home from mosquitos and other nuisance insects.

2. Try to eliminate any low-lying areas that may hold water. Any wet areas or standing water is conducive for harboring mosquitoes

3. Keep your yard mowed regularly, as this helps the sun penetrate the turf and dry out your yard more thoroughly. Less grass is less shade for them.

4. Lastly, purchase a Cube Pro Mosquito Misting System. This automatic misting system will seal the deal and help ensure that you have a mosquito and insect-free yard.

The Cube Pro Mosquito Misting System is a custom-designed 55-gallon system that protects your outdoors by misting your yard with a simple touch of a button. Users can also set the system to mist at scheduled times throughout the day. The approach is eco-friendly and only 26-inches in diameter, making it small enough to blend in with your garden or along the fence line. This system eliminates troublesome pests without harming you, your garden, or your pets. Mapes and his team will customize a solution specifically for your home or business to meet all your specific needs. Give LDG Services a call and put their custom system and winning customer service to the test. Learn more about how you can have a critter-free summer and enjoy an indoor and outdoor lifestyle.

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