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Store Manager Makenzie Collier and Bink's Buyer/Manager Emily Britton

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Sustainable Retailing in the 37075

Bink's Outfitters Offers Eco-Friendly Clothing and Merchandise for the Great Outdoors

First, select well-known manufacturers committed to producing high-quality, sustainable outdoor clothing and accessories.

Next, blend in local ownership committed to eco-friendly retailing and outstanding customer service.

Finally, serve happy customers seven days per week.

There you have it: the recipe behind the success of Bink’s Outfitters.

Bink’s Outfitters is the brainchild of owner Brandon Binkley, who has always dreamed of selling high-quality outdoor clothing and accessories. After a humble beginning of selling merchandise from the trunk of his car, Brandon finally opened his first brick-and-mortar location in Murfreesboro in 2003. Since that time, Bink’s has expanded to six locations across Middle Tennessee, including its newest store at the Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville, which opened in August 2016.

“Our main focus is on eco-friendly outdoor clothing and accessories,” says Emily Britton, Bink’s buyer and manager. “Our customers are deeply committed to the environment, and so are we.”

Bink’s sources most of its merchandise from companies that demonstrate strong commitments to environmental sustainability. Three of the most notable ones are Patagonia, Chaco and Costa.

Patagonia is a clothing and merchandise manufacturer that offers a full line of outdoor-themed goods. Over the years, the Ventura, California-based company has developed a loyal following of customers who are passionate about the quality and style of their merchandise.

“Patagonia is one of our most popular brands,” Emily says. “We have been proud to carry the line for more than 10 years.”

Patagonia’s commitment to the environment is unparalleled. Current practices include incorporating reclaimed water and soda bottles into outerwear fleece, lining jackets with 100 percent recycled goose down and sourcing only sustainably grown cotton. In addition, customers can return any Patagonia product to the company, and they will reuse, recycle or remanufacture it.

The Chaco line of footwear and accessories is also very popular with Bink’s customer base. Specializing in high-quality sandals designed for outdoor and water use, Chaco has developed a loyal following since 1989.

“Chaco makes great outdoor sandals that everyone loves,” Emily says. “The brand appeals to all ages. We have grandmothers and their granddaughters come in together to buy pairs.”

Like Patagonia, Chaco has a strong commitment to the environment. The company is dedicated to the philosophy of repair and reuse, as demonstrated through its innovative ReChaco program in which customers can return used sandals for repair.

“The cool thing is that regardless of the issue, from broken straps to worn-out soles, Chaco will repair its products,” Emily says. “The company would rather repair your sandals and have you keep wearing them rather than see them tossed into landfills.”

Along with clothing and footwear items, Bink’s also carries Costa sunglasses. Costa is known worldwide for its line of stylish and durable outdoor eyewear. The company is also famous for its legendary repair program.

“One of the reasons that Costa sunglasses are so popular is the company’s repair policy,” Emily says. “If anything goes wrong with your sunglasses, you can just return them, and Costa will repair them at a reasonable cost.”

Along with choosing eco-friendly suppliers and products, Bink’s also maintains a strong commitment to sustainable store operations, including the recycling of all plastic packaging bags.

“We go to great efforts to separate plastic bags from other waste to make sure that they get properly recycled,” Emily says.

All in all, the success of Bink’s Outfitters proves that sustainable retailing is not only good for the environment, but it’s also good for business.

300 Indian Lake Blvd., Suite 120, Hendersonville


  • Bink's Outfitters in Hendersonville
  • Store Manager Makenzie Collier and Bink's Buyer/Manager Emily Britton
  • Store Manager Makenzie Collier and Bink's Buyer/Manager Emily Britton
  • Store Manager Makenzie Collier shows off some new outerwear.
  • With a reputation for eco-friendly manufacturing, Patagonia is one of Bink's most popular brands.
  • Chaco sandals are one of Bink's most popular brands.
  • Bink's specializes in products from suppliers with eco-friendly business practices.
  • Jon Voyles and Makenzie Collier recycle plastic bags.
  • Makenzie Collier displays a shirt from the North Face, another eco-friendly brand.
  • Bink's Buyer/Manager Emily Britton checks out new clothing additions with her son, Rudy.
  • Jon Voyles displays some new Patagonia shirts.
  • Makenzie Collier and Brannan Hackett model some of the Costa sunglasses.