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Sustainable Solar Practices

Lessons from A&A Solar Wash on Caring for Your Solar Panels

Article by Taylor Henderson

Photography by Provided

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Anastasia and Adam Johnson founded the eponymous A&A Solar Wash in 2022, after they installed solar panels on their first home in Greeley. During the installation, Anastasia asked the technicians whose responsibility it was to clean and maintain the panels, and they replied: “Yours.”

Anastasia and Adam learned two things from this interaction. First, their solar panels required cleaning and maintenance—they couldn’t simply put panels on the roof and forget about them. Second, solar panel cleaning was a niche that they could explore. After learning more about solar panel cleaning, Anastasia and Adam wanted to educate other members of the community on the importance of cleaning and maintaining their solar panels. To fill the gap in this missing service, they created A&A Solar Wash.

Anastasia’s top tip for solar panel maintenance is the basic reminder: all solar panels need to be cleaned. The panels must be cleaned before installation, after installation and regularly from then on. She likens it to caring for a car: “You wash your car, you make sure it’s running well, just like most things you own. Solar panels are sustainable, yes, but they're also expensive equipment!” The best way to care for an investment like solar panels is to ensure routine care and cleaning.

In addition to cleaning, A&A Solar also helps educate owners about maintenance. Another tip Anastasia shares is to check the fine print. Remaining in compliance with the warranty and ensuring the panels produce as much energy as they can is critical. The fine print of most solar panel contracts names the homeowner as the responsible party for maintaining their panels to keep their warranty. Anastasia and Adam didn’t realize this when they first purchased their panels, either.

As a woman-owned business, Anastasia provides a great resource to the community through sustainable practices and puts the power of information in the hands of solar panel owners. Visit to learn more and book your solar cleaning today!

The best way to care for an investment like solar panels is to ensure routine care and cleaning.

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