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Sweatin' It

The 'It' Item For Teenagers: The Sweatshirt

Athleisure was the breakout star during 2020's Covid lockdown and, three years later, it seems it's here to stay. Today teens can be seen in crop tops, tank tops, tennis skirts, you name it from brands like Lululemon, Aviator Nation, Alo, but the main go-to of their wardrobe? The sweatshirt. The ultimate wardrobe staple for the stylishly cozy. Usually graphic, logo'd, oversized, and sometimes hooded. These five students show us how they wear them and why. 

How Hill styles them: 

"I wear them oversized with shorts, leggings or a skirt." 

Why Ellie likes them:

"I love them because of how warm and soft they are."

How Marybella styles them:

"I like to style with biker shorts or ruffle shorts." 

Hill wearing Malibu Crewneck by Departure

Ellie wearing Coastal Cowgirl Sweatshirt from Caley Paige

Marybella wearing Rainbow Stitch Crewneck by Aviator Nation

Molly's style: 

"I like neutral colors without hoods. Vintage styles are my favorites."

Molly wearing The College Sweatshirt by The Great from Etc.

Why Alex likes them: 

"They give you great comfort and they're so easy to throw on."

Alex wearing Hoodie by Dandy Worldwide