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Roswell Non-profit helps make slumber sweeter

Children Without Beds is a life-changing charity located in Roswell that is dedicated to making a huge difference in kids' lives that don't have a comfortable bed to sleep in or even a real bed at all. This project is determined to make  kids feel loved and deserving of making sleep a top priority, which should be a concern for everyone but especially growing kids and teens.

In 2017, Tracy Chmelecki, the founder and president of the charity, had been a part of a ministry called Children Outreach. There, she met a single mom and her kids, and what she saw in their apartment changed her life. She had a hard time believing that this was the reality for some children. “The little girl and her sister were using the cushions from the couches downstairs as a bed.” From this experience, Tracy was inspired to launch Children Without Beds.

What she discovered about the importance of sleep was astounding.  "I realized all the problems children can face just because they do not get a good night's sleep. That made me realize even more how important a bed is for a child. My passion is to help do all I can to help a child succeed in life. I feel this is done by showing love, letting them know they are special, that God has a great plan for their lives, and to set children up for success, not failure,” she says. 

Children Without Beds provides children with a comfortable long-lasting bed. This includes the bed frame, mattress made in Atlanta, mattress cover, and sheets and pillows. "The best part is finding fun and colorful bedding for the kiddos and seeing them jump into their new safe place. Changing lives one bed at a time," says Tracy. New beds really do change not only their lives but the lives of the rest of the family. A parent seeing their child happy is a reward in itself. “You would not believe how excited children get when they see their bed for the first time, so happy they have a bed they can call their own,” says Tracy reflecting on the goal of why every bed they deliver has a purpose.

To this day the CWB has delivered more than 410 beds throughout 22 cities outside of Atlanta.

Here is how you can show your love and support too:

  1. Donations can be made at
  2. Speak to your company about a corporate sponsorship
  3. Amazon Smile and Kroger programs
  4. Birthday fundraiser through Facebook
  5. Volunteer to help deliver beds

Costs for all complete beds:

Twin - $300

Full - $350

Crib - $400

Bunk beds - $500

*Depending on the bedding chosen the price will vary from the prices listed above