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Diving into Indulgence with La Patisserie's Delectable Desserts

Article by Valerie Bianculli

Photography by Rachel Audette, The Turquoise Camera

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

There lies a little corner of culinary heaven right here in Arvada known as La Patisserie Francaise. Nestled in a charming storefront, inside you will find a testament to the art of crafting exceptional pastries and desserts along with a tantalizing sugary sweet smell of baked goods. This month, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Sadie Russo, the passionate owner and creative mind behind La Patisserie to share some insight into her delightful world of sweet treats.

Twelve years ago, Sadie Russo embarked on a journey that would make her a beloved figure in the Arvada community. She purchased La Patisserie Francaise, driven by her deep love for baking and a vision to share her passion with others. La Patisserie Francaise has been serving the community for 32 years, however, from the moment she took over, her commitment to quality, authenticity, and creativity has been the hallmark of La Patisserie.

“Every recipe here starts with the basics: butter, sugar, flour, and salt.” Sadie explains, emphasizing the importance of using high-quality ingredients made from scratch in-house. It is a European-style, family owned and operated bakery and every item on the menu is crafted with the finest ingredients and baked by hand.

La Patisserie Francaise is best known for their legendary sugar cookies. If you are an Arvada local, chances are you’ve already savored one or at least heard whispers about these infamous, delectable cookies. These highly addictive treats are a cross between a sugar and shortbread cookie and they are topped with colored sugars or dipped in chocolate. Check out their themed cookies which change every month.

If cookies aren’t your thing, you are sure to be impressed by the vibrant macaron display. These delicate, almond meringue cookies have become a beloved favorite for many regulars with Lavender reigning supreme as the bakery’s most popular flavor. It has a distinct taste and the subtle floral notes of lavender complement the sweet meringue and rich ganache filling to create a memorable flavor-filled experience.

 In addition to this, La Patisserie is also a treasure trove for traditional pastries such as their Napoleon. This classic pastry, known for its layers of flaky pastry and luscious custard cream filling, has even won praise from European visitors that say it is the closest they have tasted to the Napoleons in their home countries. Experience the flavors of a genuine French patisserie right here in your hometown by giving these a go! Another favorite is the beautiful swans that have a chocolate custard-cream base and a whipped cream top that are delicately sprinkled with powdered sugar. The popularity of items such as this speaks to Sadie’s dedication to preserving the authenticity of traditional recipes while infusing them with her unique touch.

La Patisserie’s magic extends beyond its regular menu items. One of the standout features of La Patisserie is their ability to completely customize sweet treats for your special event. The bakery is a hub for customization. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, business event or any other special occasion, allow Sadie and her team to create something memorable that will instantly elevate your celebration. Bring dreams to life in the form of these delectable desserts. Print the initials of a loved one on some macarons for a birthday celebration, give your guests a memorable party favor by creating customized cookies with some of your favorite images printed on them, the list goes on and on. The bakery has become a go-to destination for those seeking delicious and uniquely tailored desserts to make their events truly memorable. La Patisserie is not only a local favorite, it’s a gathering place where friends and family come together to celebrate special moments. From birthdays to weddings to office gatherings, the bakery has created custom cakes and desserts that have become the centerpiece of countless occasions.

Experience this neighborhood gem for yourself by stopping in to visit, exploring their menu at or visiting their social on Instagram @la.patisserie.francaise or on Facebook @lapatbakery. Bon Appetit!

“Every recipe here starts with the basics: butter, sugar, flour, and salt.” Sadie explains, emphasizing the importance of using high-quality ingredients made from scratch in-house.

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