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Gifts for your sweetheart

A little chocolate goes a long way on Valentine's Day

While the roots of Valentine's Day go all the way back to Roman times, candy gift giving is a much more recent development. According to, By the 1840s, the notion of Valentine’s Day as a holiday to celebrate romantic love had taken over most of the English-speaking world. It was Cupid’s golden age ... Victorians adored the notion of courtly love and showered each other with elaborate cards and gifts. 

Today,chocolatiers like Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have made the art of chocolate their passion. They specialize in house-made products including caramel apples, fudge and other creative treats for your sweetheart at Valentine's Day. 

You can find these delicious treats at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at 10114 South Sheridan Road in Tulsa or reach them at 918-299-7623. 

  • Indulgence Gift Basket includes English toffee, Brown Bear, Peanut Butter Pails, Caramels Tote, Rocky Mountain Mints, truffle/chocolate/caramel bars and more.
  • Caramel Apple Favorites includes four delicious gourmet apples: Caramel Apple, Peanut Caramel Apple, Pecan Bear™ Apple and Apple Pie Apple™.
  • Rocky Mountain Assortment includes nutty clusters, butter creams, chewy caramels, molded chocolates, Brown Bear pecan-and-caramel patties and more.