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Fun, fitness and an important life skill

Tulsa’s new SafeSplash + SwimLabs Swim School celebrated their grand opening the week of July 20. The event hosted virtual and on location family-friendly CPR demos, in-water lifesaving demos, and a student bob-and-swim competition.

As drownings continue to be the leading cause of unintentional death in Oklahoma children ages 1-4, SafeSplash + SwimLabs Swim School dedicated its Tulsa grand opening event to raise community awareness for swim safety.

“Educating local communities on swim safety remains one of the greatest public health challenges in the U.S.,” says Dan Real, co-owner of SafeSplash + SwimLabs Swim School. “Teaching children to become comfortable around water at an early age is such an important life skill,” Real said. “At SafeSplash and SwimLabs Swim School, we’re dedicated to teaching swim safety and focused on building lifelong and lifesaving skills by providing a safe environment for children and families to experience the water under the supervision of professionals.”

SafeSplash + SwimLabs Swim School is located at 7820 East 101 Street in Tulsa. The swim school is following all social distancing guidelines provided by Tulsa and Oklahoma public health officials to maintain public safety. To learn more about SafeSplash and SwimLabs School in Tulsa, visit or SafeSplashSwimLabsTulsa on facebook for local updates and events.