Swimming in Style

Article by Samantha Schoengold Beranbom

Photography by Julia D'Agostino

Originally published in Fairfield Lifestyle

Created from a hole in the market for fashionable children's swimwear, the local brand Pearl Street Swim, is the brainchild of Sophie Sikaitis. "I was having a hard time finding quality swimwear for my daughter that fit my aesthetic -- coastal vibes, European influence, something child-friendly and playful, but chic. I began exploring starting my own brand. I took one step after another and ended up really bringing it to life." explains, Sophie.

Since its inception, Pearl Street's goal is one of sustainability. Recycled fabrics and small-batch production is juxtaposed with whimsical, modern design that celebrates childhood imagination. These elements have been at the forefront of Pearl Street Swim by using creative prints and vivid colors throughout the line. The brand's desire is to connect directly with parents who value authentic, summer moments with their children and the memories that come with them.

This can easily be seen in the newest collection for Summer '23, inspired by childhood summers spent in the small coastal town of Abersoch, Wales."I wanted to create a collection around those personal memories. The unexpected and unbalanced colors are inspired by beach huts along the shore on Abersoch beach." Which is perfect for littles running around Fairfield's coast, also creating those special summertime memories.


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