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Symbol of Summer

The Art of 4 Rose Pools

Article by Amanda Knowland

Photography by Kristol Kumar/Kumar Photography

Originally published in Topeka City Lifestyle

One can hardly mention the word summer without images of sunshine and swimming pools coming to mind. This time of year, pools are often the heart of social gatherings, filled with the laughter of children playing, the sounds of splashing, water glistening in the sun, and the faint scent of chlorine.

When Neal Rose first began working on pools at the age of 17, he couldn’t have known that symbol of summer would evolve into a lifelong passion, not to mention being the conduit for how he would meet his wife. More than 25 years later, Neal is the founder of 4 Rose Pools, a Topeka-based quality, custom pool builder. He also shares two daughters with the girl he met while maintaining her pool 21 years ago.

Crafting Dreams: The Genesis of 4 Rose Pools

With two decades of service experience in the pool industry, Neal has seen firsthand the wear and tear on pools throughout Topeka. And he saw a need: Topekans should be able to own a low maintenance pool that looks beautiful and is engineered to run more efficiently and last longer.

“Pools allow families to create memories!” Neal says. “They bring people together and provide the perfect way to spend time with those you love.”

That is the goal for most pool owners: to spend time enjoying the pool with your people, not spending all your time maintaining it. This is one issue Neal hoped to address when establishing 4 Rose Pools.

“Our custom designs support ease of maintenance to ensure the homeowner maximizes their time enjoying their investment,” he says.

Commitment to customer service is another cornerstone of 4 Rose Pools. Unlike many builders, 4 Rose Pools offers comprehensive services including openings, closings, and ongoing maintenance needs.

Simplified Customer Journey

The process of acquiring a pool from 4 Rose Pools is designed to be straightforward and customer-friendly. Prospective clients can easily explore options and request appointments via the company’s website. Services offered are extensive, ranging from weekly maintenance and liner replacements to complete pool renovations and UV light installations for enhanced sanitation.

Neal's decision to include pool maintenance services was driven by a desire to address a common gap in the market.

Enhancing Homes and Lives

For many, a pool transforms their backyard into a private paradise, a mini-vacation spot just steps away from their door. While the financial value of an in-ground home pool is dependent upon several factors, its true value may be found in the lifestyle and memories made, spontaneous swims and impromptu pool parties.

A Family Affair

At the heart of 4 Rose Pools is a love for bringing joy to families.

“Family is everything," Neal says.

For Neal, the part he says he loves most about his work is the videos of kids jumping into their 4 Rose Pool for the first time, and seeing photos of customers enjoying their pool.

It is Neal’s own family that inspired the company name, 4 Rose Pools. The "4" represents his family of four: Neal, his wife Michelle, and their daughters Kyndall and Avery. The inclusion of "Rose" pays homage to his father’s business, Rose Muffler, symbolizing a legacy of hard work and dedication.

With the busy season for 4 Rose spanning from March through November, and construction continuing year-round, Neal remains motivated by a passion for staying at the forefront of the industry and keeping the pool experience top-of-mind.

"I am driven to keep refining the pool experience so a 4R pool always represents innovation, quality, and excellence!" he declares.

In the tapestry of summer experiences, swimming pools hold a special place. They are not merely structures filled with water but symbols of the season's essence—joy, freedom, togetherness, and the simple pleasure of a sun-drenched day. As long as summer brings its warmth and brightness, swimming pools will remain a cherished emblem of all that makes this time of year so magical.

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